Monday, January 15, 2018

** Special ** Council Meeting Cancelled, Police Report

****** Special ******

Because of the forecast inclement weather tomorrow City Manager Steve Jones and I have decided to cancel the scheduled meetings tomorrow evening.

Both meetings will be rescheduled for Monday, January 29 because of staff and council members availability.  This will give us plenty
of time to get past the weather and meet posting requirements.

Both Steve and I think it is best to avoid any chance of citizens, staff or council members trying to get to a meeting and taking chances with their safety.

Be safe out there and stay off the roads if possible.  Looks like there might be two events, Tuesday and Thursday depending on the temps and moisture.

****** End Special ******

I have received the police report and am including it below:

From the Chief:
LPD Officers conducted 270 traffic stops, responded to 23 animal calls, responded to 9 collisions, answered 20 suspicious circumstances calls and handled 126 other types of calls for service for a total of 447.

Routine traffic stops resulted in the following charges; Out of Jurisdiction Warrants X 3, Lakeway Warrants X 1, Open Container X 2, Possession of Alcohol by a Minor X 1, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia X 3.

Officers were dispatched to a RR 620 S. grocery store in reference to persons refusing to leave the property. Upon arrival, officers learned that two subjects were on the property soliciting money for gas. They had been asked to leave by management but had refused. Officers issued two criminal trespass warnings and the persons left the property.

Officers were called to Baylor, Scott & White for a mental health evaluation in the emergency room. Officers were advised that a patient was threatening harm to themselves and others. After an evaluation was completed an Officer’s Emergency Detention Order was issued. The patient remained in the hospital for further treatment.

*** UPDATE *** Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of Credit Card Abuse after a victim discovered his credit card had been used several times without his consent. The card was used several times at a Home Depot in North Austin to purchase gift cards. The victim believed his card was compromised after visiting a restaurant in Lakeway, but detectives have been unable to substantiate that claim. Due to the card being used in the City of Austin, the case has been transferred to the Austin Police Department for further investigation.

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of a Theft (shoplifting) that occurred in the 1400 block of RR620 South. According to the complainant, a subject was observed stealing an alcoholic beverage from the store. Detectives used the available surveillance footage and information from store management to identify the suspect. During an interview with the suspect, he admitted to stealing the merchandise and was issued a citation for Theft (Class C Misd.). 
In December, Detectives were assigned to investigate a series of vehicle burglaries in the Tuscan Village area. During the investigation, a firearm was recovered by concerned relatives of the suspect. With assistance from the ATF, Detectives were able to trace the firearm back to a victim who resides in Lakeway. The victim was unaware the firearm had been stolen from his unsecure vehicle. Detectives were able to obtain an arrest warrant (Theft of Firearm, State Jail Felony) for the suspect who has since been apprehended.

In December, Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of an Assault that occurred at Lake Travis Middle School. According to a staff member (teacher), she was assaulted by a student during school hours. Detectives were able to collect enough evidence in the case to file charges (Assault on a Public Servant, 3rdDegree Felony) on the juvenile suspect. He has since been processed and the case referred to Gardner-Betts Juvenile Justice Center for prosecution.

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of Credit Card Abuse that occurred at multiple locations in the City of Lakeway and Bee Caves and on several internet applications. According to the complainant, her mother’s credit/debit card was used at several locations by an unknown suspect without her mother’s consent. Detectives were able to obtain video and audio footage of the suspect using the card at two of the locations and identified the suspect. Detectives located the suspect and discovered she had an outstanding warrant for her arrest on an unrelated Forgery charge. Detectives interviewed the suspect who confessed to using the victim’s credit/debit card without her consent. It was determined the suspect compromised the victim’s credit/debit card while working at a local business in which the victim frequents. The suspect was arrested on the existing warrant and further charged with Credit Card Abuse (3rd Degree Felony).

More as I find out!

Joe Bain
Weather Station

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Weather (Again), Grant Success, Upcoming Council Meetings

Good Day!  I'm a little late on this post, but here we go.  As far as weather, who would believe we would have snow twice this winter?  What about 3 or 4 times?  Get ready!  Forecasts are for snow, sleet or freezing rain Monday evening and again Thursday!  28 degrees this morning on my weather station - it's cold out there!  Weather Underground has been having some technical issues for the past couple of weeks - they say it's fixed now but the webcam pictures aren't updating.  Seems like the most of the weather items are working properly.

Don't forget the 4 p's.  People, Pets, Plants and Pipes.  It's a lot easier to do preventive care than fixing the issues after there's a problem!  Keep your pets inside or somewhere warm.

This Saturday the Lakeway Church has a program on Sexual Trafficking of children.  Here is a link to info, sign up and learn about issues that are closer to us than you might think!

The Governor's office awarded a grant to Lakeway PD for new vests for our officers - a total of $17,468.  This will provide rifle round protection for our officers - I hope we never need to use them!

Council will meet in regular and a special session on Tuesday evening.  Here is the special session agenda - here is the regular session agenda.

The Special Session is reviewing the Charter Review recommendations and possibly approving submission to the voters in the May election.

The regular session agenda will have lots of info.  

Item 4 - City Manager Steve Jones will give an update on the Police Facility Project.  As you might have noticed, the construction fence has gone up at the property and work is starting.

Item 5 - It's time to do an update to our Comprehensive Plan - City Manager Steve Jones will update the public (and council) on the process and what is planned.  We funded this in this year's budget. Here is a link to the current plan - I expect there will be a committee appointed, a consultant hired and a lot of citizen input.  

Item 6 - Short Term Rental Permit at 219 Corinthian.  This permit renewal was turned down by ZAPCO because of the multiple complaints.

Item 7 - A resolution will be discussed to provide support for TxDOT's design and construction plans for improvements to 620.  You might remember, while I was on CAMPO we got this project started, they are asking for support on a request for funding that Lakeway is co-sponsoring.  They are asking for local contributions of $5M from both Lakeway and Bee Cave.  The total cost of the project, 620 from Hwy. 71 to past Debba is estimated at $100M.

Item 8-9 - Council will be asked to pass an ordinance for the elections in May.

Item 10 is a resolution to move the time that ZAPCO meets back to 9:10 a.m. on the first Wednesday.  It was moved to 6:30 in the evening with the hopes of greater public participation.  That has not happened, in fact there has been significantly less.

As always, the full packet for the meetings is available on the city website.  
I expect the appraisal that I requested on the Stratus Property to be in soon.  I will have another discussion about that and the MUD property when it comes in - expect that next month.  

I have heard that some folks want to zone both the Stratus property and the MUD property unilaterally to parkland.  This is not possible with current Texas law.  The Stratus property is already zoned as part of an existing "PUD".  Zoning the MUD property without a request from the owner would be considered a "Taking" under Texas law.  The city would be liable to both the current owner and the buyer that has the land under contract.

There was an issue with the light on 620 at Dave Drive - it was not going to a green arrow, only flashing yellow.  It has been corrected - I checked it out last week.

Be careful this week, it looks like the roads could be dangerous if the weather forecast is correct.  The city will have known problem areas sanded but slow down and stay home if you can.

That's all for now, if you would like to be added to my email list send a note to and I'll get you added (or removed).  Thanks again for all the wonderful support!

Joe Bain
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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Cold!, Traffic Light, ZAPCO and Brush Schedule + More!

Well, it looks like the snow, ice and freezing weather is over for now.  In December 1989 Lakeway had several days below freezing also, a low of 5° (brrrr) and a couple of days with highs in the teens.  There were a lot of frozen pipes that year!  Hopefully we are done with real cold weather for a while - January and February are generally the coldest months though.

We had few issues from the freezing weather last week.  Public Works did an outstanding job of sanding roads and keeping us safe!  Thank you!

They are also working on striping the crosswalk on Trophy Dr. and installing push button rapid flashing crosswalk beacons at this location.

I got an email this week about the light at Dave Drive and 620 - seems it wasn't ever giving a green signal for Southbound traffic to turn left onto Dave.  I have reported it to TxDOT and it should be fixed soon if not already.

Be sure to watch out for scams - it seems now they are saying they are PEC representatives  and having folks put money on cards to pay a bill - don't fall for this and never put money on cards for payment.

It was a short week around the city.  Staff is working on projects for the new year.  BDS is of course always busy - here is a report on the weeks activity.

ZAPCO met in regular session Wednesday evening.  Here is that agenda.  Items 5, 6 and 7 were approved in the consent agenda.  Item 8 was approved using ordinance dictated size.

Item 9 was a renewal for a Short Term Rental SUP and was denied.  Commissioners felt there were too many issues with this property.

Item 10 was for a variance for a larger sign at 3102 RR 620 and was denied.

Item 11 was approved to allow a "maintenance road" on some Serene Hills property.

Item 12 was tabled until more info was available.  The meeting was over about 7:30 p.m.
I've asked for a resolution supporting the 620 improvement project with TxDOT and it will be on the next council agenda.  This will move the process forward for a presentation to CAMPO for dedication of monies on this project.  The city will need to contribute about $5M to this project subject to voter approval.

I have a tentative schedule for Saturday Brush Recycling drop off in 2018.  Currently is will be scheduled for January 20, April 21, July 21, and Oct. 20.  It will run from 8 a.m. until noon on those days.  You must be a Lakeway resident (must show proof of residency) and a maximum of 1 pickup size load per resident.  The regular Thursday brush drop off's will continue with the same rules.

CBC will meet in regular session next week on Jan. 11 at 9:00 a.m.  Here is their agenda.

From the Chief:
LPD Officers conducted 258 traffic stops, responded to 14 alarm calls, responded to 14 animal calls, handled 8 collisions, answered 32 suspicious circumstances calls and handled 121 other types of calls for service for a total of 447.

Routine traffic stops resulted in the following charges; Out of Jurisdiction Warrants X 1, Possession of a Controlled Substance X 3, Possession of a Firearm by a Felon X 1, Possession of a Dangerous Drug X 2, Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon X 1, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia X 1. 

Officers were dispatched to Barrie Drive in reference to illegal dumping. Upon arrival, officers found items that had been dumped along the roadway. A report was taken and will be forwarded to Lakeway Code Enforcement for follow up. 

Officers were called to an assisted living facility for a mental health evaluation. Upon arrival, officers found that a resident had harmed themselves and was threatening to continue to harm themselves. Officers completed a mental health evaluation and a Peace Officer’s Emergency Detention was filed. EMS transported the patient to Baylor, Scott & White hospital for treatment. 

Officers were dispatched to a Sailmaster Street address in reference to an accident.  Upon arrival, officers found an unoccupied vehicle had rolled from a driveway, and struck the home across the street. Officers conducted an investigation and filed a report in reference to the accident. 

Officers were dispatched to a RR 620 S. business, reference a disturbance call. Upon arrival, officers located several people believed to be involved in the disturbance. After an investigation, the officers arrested one suspect for public intoxication and issued criminal trespass warnings to six other individuals. The arrested subject was transported to Travis County Jail and the others were released and asked to leave the business. 

In December, Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of Criminal Mischief that occurred in the 100 block of Bella Tuscana after property management officials discovered property damage in community restroom area. Detectives were able to obtain video surveillance footage of two suspects entering the area during the same time frame the damage occurred. Using this footage, Detectives identified the two suspects who were known to frequent the area. During an interview, one of the suspects admitted to being present during the offense, but stated the second suspect was responsible for the damage. Detectives were able to obtain an arrest warrant (Criminal Mischief, Class B Misd.) for the second suspect, who remains at large.   

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of Credit Card Abuse after a victim discovered his credit card had been used several times without his consent. The card was used several times at a Home Depot in North Austin to purchase gift cards. The case remains active as detectives continue to investigate and collect evidence.  

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of possible Identity Theft that occurred in the 15000 block of Oak Grove Blvd. According to the complainant, a guest used someone else’s rewards points to reserve a hotel room. Detectives have made contact with, and interviewed, a person of interest in the case. The investigation remains open and active.  

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of an Assault that occurred in the 15000 block of Barrie Drive. According to the complainant, the victim was assaulted by their spouse during an argument at their residence. Detectives are in the process of interviewing the parties involved and collecting evidence as the case remains active.
It's election season again.  There will be 2 council seats and the mayor seat on this ballot along with charter changes.  Here is a link to more election information.

That's all for this week!  Hope you are having a GREAT New Year start and are looking forward to 2018.  Thanks for all the great support and be safe out there!

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Joe Bain

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Be Careful, 3 P's, Possible Ice - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!  Enjoy your New Year's celebrations but be careful out there.  Currently 37 degrees and dropping with a light mist - here's a link to current conditions in Lakeway.

Remember the three P's - Plants, pipes and pets.  With the threat of below freezing temperatures for an extended period, all the P's need to be given extra care.

There is a possibility of some ice later tonight - the city will have road crews on standby if there are issues.  Stay in if you can!

Remember, Fireworks are illegal in Lakeway.  Stay warm and have a GREAT NEW YEAR!

Joe Bain

Saturday, December 30, 2017

More Weather, Swim Center?, some Accomplishments and More!

Another year is done!  The weather isn't going out without a bang either!  Some are forecasting up to 60 hours of below freezing temperatures in the next few days starting Sunday night (New Years Eve) and going through the middle of the week.  There is a possibility of some freezing rain or drizzle as the weather comes in Monday morning.  Be sure to keep a close eye on the weather if you are getting out for New Years celebrations.  Remember the 3 P's, pets, plants and pipes.  Sounds like a good time to stay warm in front of the fireplace.  Here is a link to my weather station - get current temperatures and rain totals any time!

We have lots of ups and downs on the roads in Lakeway - the street department will be on call in case sand is needed on some of the roads - best thing to do is stay home!

The next "We Are Blood" drive will be January 20th from 8 until noon at the Activity Center - roll up those sleeves and donate the gift of life!

If your looking for some fun things for your kids next week, here's a link to what's available at the Activity Center - looks like some fun stuff!

Can you believe it?  Parks and Recreation kicked off a healthy new year at the Lakeway Swim Center with the New Year's Swim Challange.  29 folks braved the winter cool and participated.

The Brown Bag Luncheon series begins Thursday, Jan 4, with the Mady Kaye Quartet.  It's free and worth the effort!

Enrollment is going on for the 2018 Lakeway Citizens Academy - applications are available at the police department or online at this link.

There were a lot of great accomplishments this year including the completion of Flint Rock Road, the Bee Creek Sports Complex has moved forward and design should begin soon, the bond passed for a Police Station and our bond rating and timing allowed us to save millions on that project, we are also assured that the project will come in Under Budget and On Time.  We also completed Lakeway Blvd. median improvements which included replacing an aging sprinkler system and new grass, Hamilton Greenbelt got a restroom and parking lot, Canyonlands and Dragon Park got new restrooms, and we were able to fund improvements to the median at Flint Rock and 620 to allow 2 left turn lanes.

For 2018 we are co-sponsoring an application with TxDOT to identify federal funding for lane additions on 620 from 71 to about Debba.  We have money in the budget to update the comprehensive plan and are looking at Charter amendments that will be on the May ballot.

The city is investigating the cost of the property owned by Stratus for possible acquisition.  There will be a lot of discussion about this if it is found to be feasible.

I expect to see more on the MUD property that is under contract to HSD.  

Sounds like a busy year!

From the Chief:
Patrol / CID
Lakeway Police Department Officers conducted 224 traffic stops, responded to 16 alarm calls, responded to 6 animal calls, responded to 26 suspicious circumstances calls and handled 195 other types of calls for service for a total of 367.

Lakeway Police Officers participated in a Christmas Holiday Traffic Initiative along with The Travis County Sheriff’s Office, The Bee Caves Police Department, and the Department of Public Safety.  This initiative ran from December 24th through December 27th.  The statistics from that initiative are not yet available, but it is important to note that we had no fatalities on our roadways during this time frame.  

Lakeway Police Officers conducted a traffic stop in the 1700 block of Lohman’s Crossing that resulted in the arrest of an individual for the possession of .08 grams of Cocaine and .04 grams of Marijuana.  

Lakeway Police Officers took a report from a citizen who used his credit card to pay for lunch at Little Greek Restaurant at 2422 RR 6520 south and that credit card number was later illegally used at the Lakeline Home Depot. If you have frequented this business recently and have notice any unusual charges on your accounts, please contact LPD for assistance. 

Lakeway Police Officers conducted a traffic stop in the 900 block of RR 620 North that resulted in the arrest of one subject for DWI.

Patrol Officers conducted a warrant service at 1113 RR 620 north, at the request of the Austin Police Department, resulted in the arrest of one subject who was wanted out of the City of Austin for Aggravated Assault Family Violence with a bond amount of $45,000.

Lakeway Police Officers conducted a traffic stop in the 200 block of RR 620 north that resulted in the arrest of one subject for two warrants, Theft of Service $20-$500 and Theft by Check $20-$500, both out of Travis County.  

Lakeway Police Officers, at the request of the Manor Police Department, located a stolen vehicle at 428 Seawind.  The vehicle was recovered and the suspect was arrested on two warrants out of Manor for Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, bond $10,000 and Felony Forgery, bond $35,000.  This is a result of the suspect reportedly buying a car with counterfeit money.  

Lakeway Police Officers assisted Manor Police Department Officers and the Travis County Sheriff’s Office with the execution of a search warrant the next day at 428 Seawind in association with the above call.  The search warrant yielded 8.9 grams of Methamphetamine and the arrest of a second subject.  

Lakeway Police Officers took a report of a stolen purse which contained jewelry and credit cards.  The victim was not sure if she misplaced the purse or if it was stolen from her vehicle at 207 Stowaway Cove.  

CID reviewed multiple days of video footage which resulted in evidence for three (3) separate cases to include: Criminal Mischief, Theft, and Burglary of a Vehicle that occurred in different areas within Tuscan Village.  Warrant was issued by CID for the suspect for Theft. 

A subject of theft warrant was arrested and interviewed by CID. The interview revealed information related to additional crimes under investigation and incriminating statements related to the theft charge.  

CID is investigating two (2) recovered firearms believed to be stolen property. A pending ATF trace will help to determine the owner.  This case is remains open.

An owner of a stolen and recovered motorcycle was finally identified.  Possible charges pending with additional investigation and written statement from motorcycle owner.  

CID was assigned a Theft case that occurred at a construction site in the 100 block of Lodestone Cove.  Several large appliances were removed from the residence under construction.  Victim declined to prosecute. 
That's all for this year (unless there is breaking news)!  I hope everyone has a Great and Prosperous New Year - please be safe out there, especially wit the expected inclement weather.

As always, send me your questions and I'll get an answer.  If you would like to be added (or removed) from my email list, send a note to and I'll get it done.

Happy New Year!

Joe Bain

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Thank You!, Council, Charter Changes and Police Task Force!

What a beautiful Christmas Eve, eve.  Looks like a great weekend coming up with a little winter cool down.  We had about .17 inch of rain Friday, but that's all gone for the remainder of the weekend.

I'd like to take a moment to thank all the Lakeway City Staff, all the elected officials and volunteers that make life wonderful in our little city.  I appreciate all their hard work that continues to keep our taxes low and makes us so desirable.  Thanks to all of you and merry Christmas!

Council met in regular session Monday evening - here was the agenda.  The Charter review committee made their report.  It included changes to:
Section 3.01 - removing language that established staggered 3 year terms - there is no further use for this language and can be removed.

3.05 - establishing compensation for the Mayor and Council Members - originally set at $15 for Mayor per meeting and $100 for Council.  The main reason for this is advantages if elected officials are sued - state law has provisions that make it easier for the city to indemnify them.  This was lowered to $1.50 for Mayor and $1 for council.

3.09 clarifies that is someone was appointed to fill a vacant position, that will server as a full term as far as term limits.

6.03 corrects an issue in the charter to allow circulators of a petition attest to signatures instead of the City Secretary.

7.01 and 7.07 have to do with appointments to Boards and Commissions. This would be a major change to the Charter.  Currently, the Mayor makes appointments to committees and commissions with help and approval of council.  The change would have each council member make an appointment to these boards and committees and would make members terms follow the council member that appoints them.  This item was tabled for further discussion.  It has worked well for decades and the council was uncomfortable with it without more discussion.

8.09 changes wording from requiring one reading on bond discussion to "at least" one reading to allow for further discussion if needed.

11.06 - This change would establish statute of limitation on time and procedure for filing claims against the city.  It would require claims to be filed within 6 months of issue.
<There was a comment from a citizen that this would be contrary to state law - the City Attorney made her aware that it would more closely mimic state law>

There were several changes that were considered non-substantive such as deleting spaces and changing gender pronouns. 

The entire document can be found in red line status on the web site - here is a link.  All items approved by council will be on the ballot for voters to approve in May.

Item 6 was to approve a contract with Travis County regarding the development, maintenance and management of the Bee Creek sports park. Passed unanimously.

Item 7 was a resolution establishing a public engagement committee.  There was some discussion on this issue - some members (myself included) would like an option to speak directly with citizens to find ways to improve engagement instead of filtering comments through a committee. Over the past year we have reached out and made many inroads to improve engagement and communication.  Here is a like to a partial list of 2012-2017 improvements to engagement.  

This item passed 4-3 after the provision was taken out for Council Members on the committee.  

As in many other items, your council is committed to keeping Lakeway the GREAT city it is.  There are different opinions on how to make this happen but we all come together to work together!
The Chief reports we are participating in high visibility traffic enforcement task forces over the holiday.  We will have additional officers on duty, DPS will have additional officers in the area and the County will also support the project.

Lakeway is always a "No Refusal" city - we will have judges available for warrants.  Let's make this a safe holiday this year!  Remember, the speed LIMIT is 30 mph in most areas of Lakeway - it is perfectly permissible to go 29.....

Thank you for all the support over the last year - I'm looking forward to 2018!  Please tell your friends about the blog and as always, questions are welcome and answered.

To get added (or removed) from my email list send a note to and I'll  make it happen.

Merry Christmas to everyone - be safe and enjoy the holiday!

Joe Bain

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Decorations, Police Academy, Police Report and More!

It's Saturday morning and I'm behind on my posting!  Looks like another change in the weather and rain on the way.  Don't forget to check my weather station for local rain totals and temperature updates.

Lot's of folks with wonderful decorations - drive around and see some of them - they are all over Lakeway.  I thought you might want to see a little video of one of the residents homes - yes this is in Lakeway at 519 Ladin Ln.  If you go by, the audio is on FM 88.5.

Take family and friends to the Trail of Lights behind City Hall - it is outstanding this year as always.

If you're interested in the Lakeway Police Academy, here's a link to more information - it's a great course and you will learn a lot about police procedures and how they work.

The Brown Bag Luncheons are scheduled for 2018.  These are free concerts and are held at the Activity Center.  Here is a link to the schedule.

BaylorScott&White was honored this year by the Lake Travis Chamber as Business of the year - here is a link to more info.

It looks like BDS was pretty busy last week too.  Here is a link to Ray Miller's report.

From the Chief:
LPD Officers conducted 178 traffic stops, responded to 10 alarm calls, responded to 20 animal calls, responded to 14 collisions, answered 26 suspicious circumstances calls and handled 91 other types of calls for service for a total of 339.

Routine traffic stops resulted in the following charges; Possession of Marijuana X 1, and Possession of a Controlled Substance X 1. 

Officers spoke with a victim of a vehicle burglary which had occurred on Mariner Drive. A subject came to the police department and advised that someone had entered their vehicle while it was parked in their driveway on Mariner. A cell phone was taken from the vehicle. Officers filed a report and this case is being investigated by a detective.  

In September 2017, Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of Identity Theft in the 2000 block of Lakeway Blvd. According to the complainant, he discovered someone had obtained and used his juvenile daughter’s identifying information to open credit card accounts. Detectives executed several grand jury subpoenas and one electronic search warrant to obtain digital evidence in this case. The evidence indicated the child’s biological mother, who is divorced from the father, was responsible for the identity theft. Detectives were able to obtain an arrest warrant (Fraudulent Use/Possession of Identifying Information, State Jail Felony) for the suspect who remains at large. Detectives are working with the Hays County Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Apprehension team to locate and apprehend the suspect. 

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of a Theft and subsequent Credit Card Abuse in the 300 block of Jack Nicklaus Drive. According to the victim, she had a piece of furniture delivered to her residence, after the delivery personnel left the residence, the victim noticed her wallet was missing. Detectives were able to identify the suspect, collect several items of evidence, and later obtained a confession from the suspect. Using this evidence, Detectives obtained an arrest warrant (Credit Card Abuse, State Jail Felony) for the suspect who remains at large. 

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of an Assault that was reported in the 300 block of Hurst Creek. According to a report taken by patrol officers, the victim was assaulted by her estranged husband during a visit to his residence. Detectives are in the process of collecting evidence in the case which remains active at this time.

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of an Assault that was reported in the 300 block of Medical Parkway. According to the victim, she was assaulted by another resident of the facility causing pain/discomfort. Detectives are in the process of collecting evidence in the case which remains active at this time.  
That's all for now - I'll update if I find more.  Have a GREAT weekend and get out and enjoy the Christmas decorations.  Please let your email friends know about the blog if you like it!  If you would like to be added to my email list, send a note to and I'll get you added!  Questions and comments  are welcome to that address also!

Thanks for the continued support!

Joe Bain