Saturday, March 16, 2019

Plane Crash, Dr. DeNicola, Council and More!

Once again we are experiencing Winter....  Windy and cool, I think freezing is done.  We got about 1/2 an inch of rain last week, none of the thunder and severe weather they talked about.  A little bit of wind.  Currently 59° and the clouds kept it cool all day.

The big news of the week was the week of course was the small plane crash just South of the Airpark at the corner of The Hills Drive and Lakeway Blvd.  One fatality and one person still in critical condition.  My prayers are with the families, this was a real tragedy.  Our Airpark has a great safety record and is a community resource.  I'm sure we will hear more about the cause in the future.

The Wildlife committee met on Thursday evening.  Dr. DeNicola, founder of White Buffalo gave a presentation via Skype to the committee about his experience in deer population control.  One of his methods is sterilization - he has done about 1,000 over a 10 year period.  This is not recommended in Lakeway because there is a requirement for containment of animals that are sterilized.  The other issue is you still have to capture the deer (trap).  I talked to him several times and he was always very complementary of our program.

City Building Commission met Thursday morning - here is that agenda.

Items 4 and 5 were postponed because the height poles had blown down.  The rest of the items passed as presented.

City Council meets Monday evening at 6:30.  Here is the meeting packet.  

Item 5 is a report on the Police Station, on time and under budget.  They are in the stages of getting furniture put together and installed, getting the dispatch center set up and many other items before move in.  The planned move in date is April 10th, sometime between now and then the 911 dispatch will be forwarded to Travis County and the service will be moved and switched back on, so be ready for that.

Item 6 will be a discussion about funding a contract with Central Texas Water Coalition - they promote the City's position on sale and use of water from Lake Travis.

Item 7 is an update from TxDOT on 620 and Flintrock Improvements.

Item 8 will be a presentation of the annual audit.

Item 11 will be yet another discussion about how long and when you can park RV's and watercraft.  It's been working for 50 years but we are going to fix it now...

Items 12-14 are Plats and Plan revisions that have been recommended by ZAPCO.

Item 15 will be an update by the Comprehensive Plan Committee.

Item 16 is a presentation and discussion of the Capital Improvement Plan and the FY 2020 Budget process.  Let's see if our taxes are going up!

Item 17 pertains to the personnel budget.  

Item 18 creates the new Charter Review Committee.

I expect near midnight on this one once again.

And of course the now obligatory Executive Sessions to talk about litigation, personnel matters, and review of the City Manager.

One of the items is the litigation that involves the candidate for Mayor that is STILL has litigation against the City.  We need a report on that.
It has come to my attention that Devin Monk, Communications Coordinator has resigned along with Darren Henson, our Controller.  Both will be missed.

That's all for the City right now, election season is in full swing.  Signs are popping up everywhere - some legal, some not.  

Sky Pictures is taking lots of photos.  I took some right off the end of the runway at AUS.  Double Click for a larger view - this one has a SW Airline in the background.  The weather didn't cooperate so I will be taking some of them again.

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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Weather, Sewer Update, Survey Results and More!

Texas Weather?  Wait a few minutes and it will change!  So far in the last week we have had a high of 85.5° and a low of 24.8°.   Coldest day in the year this week....  And get ready, Spring is on the way - forecast possible storms this week and some rain?  Be ready just in case and you can track rainfall and temps on the Vanguard weather station.

Sewer Update - The Lakeway MUD is working on bringing sewer to the first sections of Lakeway.  The work has started in a couple of places, most recently on Vanguard Street.  A couple of houses had significant issues with their septic systems (one tank floated out of the ground) and LMUD has been working to get the sewer hooked up to those houses.

What does this mean?  Good news and bad in my opinion.  It will allow folks with septic to get out of that business - that's a good thing for many of them.  The bad news?  The lots in the first sections of Lakeway had small houses to allow for septic fields.  Once that is not an issue, there will be houses bought and torn down to make way for newer, larger houses.  We'll see how that turns out.

The Parks survey is in.  Here is a link to the presentation that was given last week.  It takes a couple of minutes to go through it, but it is interesting, especially the demographics.  The largest number of respondents were 40-49 years old followed by 60-69 years old.  Most folks have no kids living at home, and the largest group that answered have lived in Lakeway 5 years or less.  67% feel that the current facilities fulfill their recreational needs.  A lot of data there, take some time a check it out.

Signs, signs everywhere a sign - there's a song like that isn't there?  Get ready, it's started.  Just a hint, signs need to be behind the utility poles to stay out of the right of way.  

Think about how you are going to vote.  What are their intentions.  Are they concerned about our beautiful city or just interested in changing the city to fit their ideas.  

The Police Facility was handed over last week and the furniture has been delivered.  I understand it's being assembled now.  It looks like they'll be in in a month or so.  Proud to have been a part of that project.

The 620 improvement project is moving along.  Letters have been sent to business and property owners about the right of way that will need to be procured for the project.  It's grown a little.  Now law requires a 10' bike lane on each side (another 20' needed).  That is a huge expense for a small number of recreational riders.  

The Sports Park is also moving ahead.  I look for that to really get going in the next 6 months or so.  Commissioner Daugherty has been working hard to get the $20+ million to get this done.  Hopefully this will get a good start before he leaves office.  Thanks Commissioner for all your help on this project for area kids!

The Lakeway Blood Drive will be held March 16th at the Lakway Activity Center.  Here is a link to more info.  Give some blood and save a life!

ZAPCO met on March 6th, here was their agenda.

Item 8 was a sign request and was turned down.  Letter colors were not consistent, among other issues.

9, 10, 11 were all approved and were Sales Offices for Ash Creek Homes.

All the rest of the items were approved after discussion.

Here is a link to the video.
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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Weather, Directory, Activity Center Events, Recycling and More!

I always start out with the weather and it's a mess.  I'll never complain about rain, but it has been foggy and wet for a week now.  We received about .24 inch of rain over the last 7 days, and the high temperature was 81.3° and so far the low has been 37°.  Very little cold weather this winter but I think we're going to get a dose of it this week - lows in the high 20's.  Cover up those plants!  As always for current conditions go to this link for current conditions.

You have a couple of days to get in the Lakeway Directory - it's a handy little book free to residents provided by the Lakeway Civic Corporation.  Go here to add your name or make a change

There is another Recycling Collection Event scheduled for Wednesday, March 6, 2019 from 9 AM until noon.  Here's a link to more information.

The Cool Arts Party and Studio Tour is coming up on March 9 from 1 to 5 PM at the Activity Center and 3 studios will be open to the public on March 9 and 10 from noon till 6 p.m.  Here is a link to more info.

Here's a link to the Activity Center's activity.  There is lots going on so check it our and have some fun!

CBC met in regular session last Thursday.  Here was their agenda.   Item 4 was postponed because the height pole was not up the required time, 5 and 6 were approved and there was discussion on visibility of height poles from the street - that was send back to staff for wording.  All of the on-site visits passes except for number 8 - they need to paint some roof items.

The Board of Ethics met on March 7 and discussed changes to the ethics ordinance.

ZAPCO will meet in regular session on Wednesday March 6 at 9:15 a.m. in City Hall.  Here is their agenda.  Lot of items, may be a long meeting.

The Election Cycle is in full swing!  I've already seen some illegal signs on 620 and I expect we will see signage popping up everywhere.  I'm truly amazed there are candidates that have lived in Lakeway less than 3 years that have a new vision for our city.  Our city has been a great place for its residents for over 50 years, there is a lot of history and a lot of good people have made it that way over the years.  The laws and ordinances help keep it that way and were in place when most of our now 14K population moved here - are we sure we want to change it? 

One of the candidates has opened a "Campaign Headquarters" - wow, for a job that pays $0.   

That's it for today.  Bring up the firewood and cover the plants - it's going to be cold out there.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

LCC Meeting / Awards and More!

The Lakeway Civic Corporation (LCC) held their annual meeting and dinner at the Activity Center Tuesday evening.  The LCC has been instrumental in many improvements over the years.  They were formed by the original developer and have been funded over the years by a fee charged on all lots sold.  We thank them for all the wonderful projects they have helped fund.

Some of their many contributions include Heritage Center Mini Movies recording the history of Lakeway and update of the Bark Park.  LCC continues to fund projects like Breakfast with Santa,  "Meet the Candidates" forums, the Blood Donor Program and the Service League.  Over the years they have funded hundreds of thousands of dollars for the betterment of Lakeway.

President Jane Benesutti Chaired the meeting that started with the Pledge of Allegiance and an invocation given by Senior Pastor Larry Coulter of the Lakeway Church. 

Following the business meeting and a wonderful dinner provided by Pok-E-Joe's BBQ, the LCC awarded outstanding citizens several awards.  They are as follows:

Meritorious Service Award - Awarded to Ann Neighbors for her unending community involvement for many years.  Presented by Board Member Dave Benson.

Meritorious Service Award - Awarded to Daughters of the American Revolution, Lohmans Ford Chapter.  The award recognized the Chapter's continued support of the community and area Veterans.  Award was accepted 
President Paula Myer and presented by LCC Board Member Rick Zehrer.  Here is a link to their web site.

And the final and most prestigious award, Outstanding Citizen of the Year was presented to Jim Powell by Board Member Lana Brown for his significant work for not only Lakeway Citizens but many others that have suffered significant harm and damage due to unexpected events including floods, fires and other disasters.  Not only does he head up and manage several area charities but he also is a past Council Member and currently serves on the Lakeway Board of Adjustment.  It is a great honor to be considered one of his many friends!

All five of the former Mayors were present and many other city volunteers filled the event.  Current Mayor Sandy Cox, and Council Members Keith Trecker and Steve Smith were also present.  If you see one of the recipients, please join me in congratulating them for their service to the community!
There are tears all over the area, many folks are going through serious withdrawal as you read this post.  Chick-fil-A has closed
 for remodeling for about 6 weeks.  Instead of a line of cars waiting for their orders, there are dumpsters and material containers.  Have faith, they shall return!

New pictures of Jason's Deli progress and Police Facility.  Here's a link to bigger pictures - Pictures.  If you need aerial photos, please contact me at and I'll make it happen!

Please consider Lakeway Vet for your pet.  They are involved in the community, are passionate about animals, are open 24 hours a day for emergencies and have reasonable pricing to boot.  Check them out, here's a link to their web page.  Say hi to Dr. Doyle for me!

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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Weather, Council, WAC and More!

The folks that spread fertilizer expecting a light rain last night are going to be disappointed - we missed it.  No measurable rain, just a little mist and fog late last night.  Looks like the best chance of rain is the middle of next week.  Pretty seasonable temperatures - maybe a little warmer than average.  As always, the current weather is available at  

There's a lot going on in the city - blink and you'll miss it, you might say - What Happened?  When we moved to Lakeway, the reason folks paid the higher prices was because of the rules and regulations and sound governance that made the little city a beautiful oasis on the outskirts of Austin.

The population was about 4,000, lots of retired folks and a good portion of retired military.  A significant percentage worked for the city in various volunteer and elected positions.  They understood that the strict regulations kept the city clean and in demand - this kept property values high and protected their investment.  Average age was in the 70's.

Now we have about 14,000 - the average age is in the 40's.  The way folks look at things has changed and it is starting to show.  One of the largest issues was with code enforcement and the way they were interfacing with citizens.  There were undoubtedly issues.

 These were rectified with employee changes and management changes.  Now Council has embarked on re-writing many of the ordinances to clarify meanings.  Good?  Bad?  Everyone can make their own decision.  Think of the upcoming election and choose wisely.  

Council and staff are re-branding "Code Enforcement" to "Code Compliance".  Does that make you feel better?  It's the new way.  There are cost associated with this but it sounds better?  

There were complaints about times for setting out trash cans.  They were allowed to be out the day of pickup.  They changed that to allow you to put cans out after 6 PM the day before pickup.  I think a lot of residents were doing that already, this makes it legal. 

Complaints about boat parking / storage.  One of the things that sets Lakeway apart is the lack of trailers and boats stored outside and in view.  There was much discussion on this topic.  How long can a boat be in the drive for loading and cleaning?  Can visitors with a motor home or trailer park in a driveway and how long?

I'm not sure what the answers are - used to be OK for a couple of hours or when actually connected to the towing car.  Now they are looking at an hour limit - will be very hard to enforce.  Why not be reasonable, if its hooked up to a car and folks are working on it loading, unloading or cleaning - that's OK.  Letting a boat sit for days is a problem, same with Motor Homes or Trailers.  We are an upscale residential community and it is part of the reason we are different.

Complaints about "speeding" on Lakeway Dr.  The City has done several speed studies with tubes they put on the road and found the average speed was less than 30 mph.  There are violators.  Now you might have noticed the "speed indicator" signs installed - two so far that indicate the speed you are going along with a speed limit sign.  About $2500.00 each + installation, work on solar power - with the lack of sunshine, they haven't been working.  They also painted "SLOW" signs on the road.  Traffic calming measures.  We'll see if it helps.  

The Police Station is nearly done.  Construction Trailer will be gone soon.  I think it is about time for the hand off and furniture.  Still on time and under budget.  This facility will last the city from now on. 

Council declared a vacancy on Council because Council Member Bertram failed to attend 3 of the last 6 regular meetings.  timing on this is interesting since the election is in May and she would be replaced anyway.  Too bad, Bridge was an asset to the Council and I appreciated her input on many issues over her terms.  I guess one of the new council members wanted her out.  Watch your back!

There was some discussion on the 86th Legislative Priorities and potential bills.  The one that will affect the city is lowering the "roll back rate" to 2.5% - that one could get sticky.  They had excluded cities with a budget under $15M, I've heard this has been dropped.  I wish the attack on the large cities that have exorbitant tax rates could be contained to them.  This is all under the guise of over taxing homeowners.  They should look at the school finance program.  The city tax rate is about $0.14 per $100 evaluation.  Lets put that into perspective.  For an average home in Lakeway ($500,000) the city tax would be about $700.  That has stayed pretty constant for the last 20 years.  The school tax on the same house is about $7,050.  Their rate is about $1.41 per $100 evaluation.  The city lowers their tax rate to accommodate the increase in value - the school stays at the max.  If the value of your house increases, your taxes go up.  It's not their fault, they are required to send millions of dollars to robin hood.  Fix school finance and leave the small cities alone.

There were two Executive Sessions, the only action I saw was to offer Mr. Kilgore a $1 settlement in lieu of appealing the judgement he won concerning payment of attorney fees to Mayor Cox.

The WAC (Wildlife Advisory Committee met Thursday evening.  A presentation was done on sterilization methods and limitations.  Information on tubal ligation, ovariectomy and castration was given along with the issues with each method.  The deer still have to be trapped and handled, darting is very problematic.  There is also the issue of deer proof barriers around the city.  No one in Texas is permitted to do sterilization.  Parks and Wildlife is not a fan.  

There was a vote to bring in Dr. DeNicola of White Buffalo Inc. to do a presentation to the committee.  They will pay his airfare and expenses.  Dr. DeNicola is familiar with Lakeway's issue and visited in around 2000.  I personally had discussions with him about our situation.  At that time he felt like the current process was working well and was only interested in working on areas that trapping was not a viable process.  We'll have to see what he says.

This is the last weekend to fill out the Parks Survey - if you haven't done it yet here is a link.

The LCC (Lakeway Civic Corporation) is working on an update for the Lakeway Phone Directory.  If your phone or address has changed or you just aren't in it, here is a link to do updates and more information. 

Don't forget the Brown Bag Luncheon Concert at 12 noon on February 28th at the Activity Center.  This month features The Second Line Jazz Band and should be a lot of fun.

If your interested in the Oscars this weekend, the Lakeway Resort and Spa is holding a Red Carpet Watch Party.  Tickets are $15 and include appetizers.  Here is a link to more info.

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Weather, Election News, Ethic Complaint, Council and More!

Another week, another weather swing!  90° Friday and woke up to 42° this morning.  Had to replace the weather sensor last week and it is up and running.  It's always fun getting up on the roof....

See the conditions online - here is a link.

Lakeway's Park Survey is online.  If you haven't done it yet, go online and take the city's survey - here's a link.  It's important to be heard on what's important to you in our community.  The survey is open until February 25, 2019.

Friday was the last day to sign up for the upcoming city election for Mayor and three Council Members.  It looks like we have plenty to choose from.  This election actually will elect a quorum of the council.  Choose wisely!

Click on name to go to their application.

For Mayor:
Incumbent Sandy Cox  Resident 18 Years, 5 Months
Tom Kilgore  Resident 2 Years, 8 Months

Council Member:
Lisa Butler  Resident 11 Years
Doug Howell  Resident 5 Years 7 Months
Sanjeev Kumar  Resident 12 Years 6 Months
Marvin Meade  Resident 25 Years, 6 Months
Julie Reichert  Resident 2 Years, 9 Months
Sean Sutton  Resident 8 Years, 7 Months
Gretchen Vance  Resident 7 Years, 7 Months

I caution all of the candidates to be careful to follow the rules.  lately it seems that some of our distinguished citizens would rather file complaints with the Texas Ethics Commission than politely tell the candidate of the issue.  That was not the Lakeway way until just recently.

Election day is May 4th, early voting starts April 22 and ends April 30.
Revision #1

The LTISD School Board election sign up also closed on Friday.  It will be an uncontested election - the incumbents all signed up with no others filing as of Friday at 5 PM.  Those candidates are:

Place 3 Jessica Putonti
Place 4 John Aoueille

Place 5 Kim Flasch 

Mayor Charles Edwards' ethic complaint by Ms. McMillan (aka Tiffany Bryce, aka Soccer Mom, aka Sloan Bryce) was dismissed by the Ethics Commission.  This complaint was filed on a letter written in 2003 by then Mayor Edwards about the overpopulation of deer to the TPWD.

The complaint was dismissed because of the Statute of Limitations.  It did not address the inaccuracies stated in the complaint and the report by the Lake Travis View.  

Ms. McMillan alleges that Mayor Edwards wrote that the City "installed three miles of fence".  The letter to TPWD stated that "three miles of fence" had been installed - and actually was by the Village of the Hills - no reference that Lakeway built it.  A slight oversight that neither the complainant nor the reporter for the View caught.  

There was also the issue that the Ethics Code did not contain any reference to Hinderance or Resources in it at the time and was not implemented.  Once again, it was explained that it was an "Ex Post Facto" issue - I say once again because it was an issue in previous complaints filed by her.

The followup article in the View although somewhat dismissive still did not tell the whole story.  The degradation of good folks reputation has to stop.  

It will be interesting where this goes.  Mistakes like this and publication of false statements have consequences.

Council meets in regular session Tuesday, February 19, 2019.  Here is a link to the agendaHere is a link to the meeting packet.

It looks like another long meeting.  

It appears item 6 is declaring a vacancy on Council.  Council Member Bertram has missed 3 meeting and will leave council.  I find the timing interesting on this with the election in May.

Council Member Bridge Bertram did a great job as Lakeway City Council Member and I appreciate her hard work.  Thank you for your service to the community!

Items 7-9 are pretty standard Special Use Permits and a Plan revision.

Item 11 changes a C-1 Ordinance allowing greater that 100,000 Sq. feet for residential purposes.  C-1 was restricted to 100,000 feet to prohibit big box stores in Lakeway.  Senior living and some residential were not part of that intention and now will be excluded.

14 and 15 pertain to BDS regulations. 

The rest is pretty standard stuff unless someone has issues with something.  Should be over before midnight....

I was asked about a picture of the entire Hospital District so here's what I came up with.  Double click to see a larger view or go to Sky Pictures to see it full size.  

I was honored to have lunch with Commissioner Daugherty last week.   We had a good conversation about the county's plans, CAMPO, traffic and the political issues we are all facing.  Commissioner Daugherty has always been very helpful in our part of the county.

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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Weather?, Editorial, Council, ZAPCO and MORE!

What about the weather?  High of 79 on Tuesday, high yesterday was 37.  That's a 40° spread, ugh.  The rain they promised didn't come but the sleet and graupel? did appear.  What in the world is graupel?  Soft small pellets of ice created when supercooled water droplets coat a snowflake - why had I never heard of this????  Not to fear, it will warm up Sunday ahead of yet another front early next week.  Highs in the 50's and 60's.  Maybe some rain?

Editorial:  We are back in yet another election cycle.  When we moved here in 1988 (and before that for years) folks volunteered and worked in the city and learned about city government.  Then if they had the inclination, they ran for council and then mayor - it takes a while to learn about government and the differences between how that works and how things work in the private sector.  

It's a new world now.  In 2014 we changed the charter to allow for 3 year terms and that was working pretty well except our attorney left out the part that it requires a majority vote (50%+1) instead of a plurality.  Since then, on advice of the Secretary of State, we went back to 2 year terms and a plurality vote.  Why am I bringing all this up again?  Because what is happening in this cycle is just what we were trying to prevent in the election by going to 3 year terms.  There are a total of 4 seats up for grabs in this election - the Mayor and 3 council seats.  What is the issue?  Depending on the outcome, the entire majority of the council can/will change.
As of Friday, the City Secretary reported that 6 packets had been picked up.  Sandy Cox, Dwight Haley, Thomas Kilgore, Caren Kilgore, Wendi Severence and Gretchen Vance.  Ms. Vance has already filed for council.  None of the interested parties except for Ms. Cox and Mr. Haley have any experience with city government unless you count the two lawsuits Mr. Kilgore has filed.  It should be interesting!
Council held a work session on Monday evening - here is that agenda.  They had a presentation from Justin Bragiel from the Texas Hotel and Lodging Association.  He gave council an overview with some detail on what the collected funds could be spent on.  Hasn't changed much, any expenditures need to support the local hotels - the term heads on beds is appropriate.  Money can be used for advertising and some transportation.  A convention / conference center could be built and funded.  A few other things came up, the problem is most folks don't want additional tourists coming into our city.  Here is a link to the video.

A update presentation was given by Bill Hayes on the proposed development for the MUD property off Lohmans.  This layout consisted of some commercial and some residential.  It is lower density than was previously proposed, but also includes NO road from Lohmans to the Oaks.  The proposed road will be a 2 lane that would go to the end of the MUD property - it would not cross the Stratus property.  Right of way would be provided if the city wants to partner and make this a 4 lane.  Costly!  It is estimated a $2M+ just for the piece to cross the Stratus property (bridge required).  The rest to Lohmans I estimate to cost between $3-5M.  There is also space allotted for a larger park.  There is also space for a couple of parking garages if the city wishes to build them.
ZAPCO met in regular session Wednesday - here is that agenda.  Item 5 was postponed, item 6 was denied.  It was a request to reduce the parking requirements for a property on Clara Van across from the Lexus Dealer.  Items 7, 8, and 9 were approved.  Item 10 to revise the Preliminary Plan of Lakeway Medical Village was approved.

ZAPCO has a special meeting planned for February 13.

Lakeway is changing for sure!  There were two issues at the High School this last week.  One was a student that was unhappy with a grade and attacked the English teacher - the other was a gun threat that after investigation was proven unfounded by the authorities.  Not changing for the better unfortunately.

Of course, the Super Bowl was a real cliff hanger, much like a soccer game - lowest scoring ever.  It was like watching paint dry - even the commercials were mediocre.  I miss the Budweiser Clydesdales. 

Honey Creek Subdivision
Progress is moving forward on thre Honey Creek Subdivision on the East side of 620.  They seem to also be making progress on the Springhill Suites in Lakeway Medical Village.  Click on picture for larger view.

There are more new pictures on SkyPicturesHere is a link to the Recent Pictures section.  It includes many other new shots including Police Facility progress.

Don't forget that Lakeway Vet Clinic is open 24 hours for emergency's.  They have been outstanding with our Bulldog Bella who is doing remarkably well!  Thanks to Dr. Doyle and his staff for taking care of Lakeway pets and animals! 

That's all for the moment, more as I remember or I hear about it.  Thanks to all that continue to express their  appreciation for the blog!  

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