Saturday, October 20, 2018

Weather Stats, Mansfield Dam and Some Pictures

Let's look at the rain and weather issues.  I'm sure you are getting good updates from all the media coverage so I won't be sending out too many updates.  Currently Lake Travis is at 704.12 feet.  Full pool is 681 so we are 23.12 feet into the flood area of the lake.  The highest I've seen on the LCRA website was 704.39, so we are going down a little bit.  Of course the continuation of the decrease depends on any rain in the watershed zone.

So far we have received 8.6 inches in October, and 24.46 since September 1.  A lot of rain for the Hill Country!  

June 25, 1997 - Lake level 705.11
If you get a chance, go down to Mansfield dam and view the 4 floodgates open.  It is impressive!  Here's a picture I took from a plane the last time they were open.  It smells like sewer - that is normal because of the naturally occurring hydrogen sulfide gas that is produced off the bottom of the lake.  

Here is a link to the LCRA hydromet that gives current lake levels.  

I've taken a few pictures at Graveyard Point, but just today.  Here is a link to those pictures on Sky Pictures > Recent Pictures.  It's illegal to fly a drone at the dam because of national security issues, some are doing it.  Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be better and I'll try to post some more pictures.

Here's a video link of some of Graveyard Point - It is a LARGE file so be patient! 

Another video file of the Graveyard Point area.

Monday is the first day for early voting, please make a good choice for those that will continue to keep Lakeway great.  I am supporting Glenda Engert and Betty Haley, I think they are solid candidates that have Lakeway in their heart.  They are not single interest candidates.  I would appreciate it if you would cast your vote for them.  Please VOTE!  25 years ago, well over 50% of the citizens voted in Lakeway elections, let's do that again!

More tomorrow if I can get time.  If you want to be added to my email list, send a note to and I'll get you added.  Thanks for reading the blog.  If you have questions or suggestions, I always read and usually answer all my emails!

Joe Bain

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