Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Special Weather Alert from LCRA

This is directily from LCRA:

LCRA ALERT: Flood operations at Mansfield and Tom Miller dams will begin at noon today.  Because of high, fast-moving floodwaters, LCRA also has closed lakes Travis, Marble Falls, LBJ, Inks and Buchanan until further notice. More information is available at 1-844-523-5663 or the Flood Operations Report on lcra.org. This is a serious flood; please take precautions to protect people and property. We encourage you to monitor local news media and NOAA Weather Radio for updated information about changing weather conditions.
Travis is now at nearly 675 - 5 feet increase today.  Rain is continuing in the Western areas that feed the Highland Lakes.

More as I find out about this weather event!

Joe Bain

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