Sunday, October 14, 2018

More Weather Lake is UP, Wildlife Committee, Engagement and Editorial if You Want It!

What a difference a couple of weeks make!  today, Lake Travis is at 666.50 this morning, 30 days ago it was at 655.32.  It's up 11.8 feet and is now +2.10 feet above normal.  Since the 1st of September we have received 20.12 inches of rain (.24 yesterday) and it looks like some more is on the way.  It's either feast or famine in Central Texas!  Just FYI, it looks like Fall is going quickly.  Monday's high is predicted to be 54 degrees?  Rain is predicted...  As always, you can check current conditions on my weather station.

Thursday, Sept. 13 the Wildlife Advisory Committee met at City Hall - here is that agenda.  The new Wildlife Biologist gave a presentation on the process he wants to follow including a "survey" to determine an estimate of the number of deer and the carrying capacity of the area.  He also explained the management options available.  Less than 20 in attendance.  I had another commitment and had to leave before the meeting was over.  I learned that Ms. Cross stated that I said there would never be a census - that is incorrect.  In fact, I had several conversations with City Manager Steve Jones to start the process of hiring someone to do a survey.   When the Wildlife Biologist was interviewed for the City position, he stated that he was required to send his report in "Word" format and he does not know if the report the city has is accurate.  We need to have accurate information to make good decisions about the deer and if in fact we need to manage the herd and the process we will use. 

Friday there was a meeting of the Engagement Committee. Here is that agenda.  Not many in attendance - Betty Haley and Glenda Engert were there to learn.  They did have some information about the survey, about 2,412 were filled out  and one interesting tidbit was 64% of the folks filling out the survey were between 40 and 70 years old.  I may be off a little but the senior folks in Lakeway still show a lot of interest!  A lot of discussion and I want to give this group kuddo's for trying to get their arms around an issue that plagues not only our city but many others.  How do you communicate?

TxDOT had an open house on Wednesday from 5-7 PM about the upcoming improvements to RR 620.  They had the entire route laid out on tables with pens for folks to write down issues or suggestions.  It was very well attended, of the 20 or so I've attended across the CAMPO area, this was by far the best - I think about 80-100 folks.  I am glad council was able to get this project moving and was also able to get $70M in funding approved.  

I'm going to do my election editorial a little different.  If you want to read it, here's a link.  If not, ignore it.  I am passionate about our little city - let's make sure we support Lakeway's lifestyle and heritage.

Thanks for reading the blog!  I expect to do some updates this week because of the expected weather changes.  If you want to be added (or removed) from my email list, send a note to and I'll get it done.  As when I was on Council and Mayor, I try to answer all emails if there are questions - I don't always have the answers though.

Joe Bain

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