Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Weather and Lake Update, More!

Looks like the rain is over for now, at least for a couple of days.  We've had a total of 19.88 inches since September 1st.  The October total is 4.02 so far (included in the 19.88 number).  The good news is a lot of rain fell in the Lake Travis watershed.  What does that mean?  It means the Lake is rising!  Travis is already at 663.48, up about 4.5 feet from last week, 74% full.  this is going to get us at the "average" level for this time of year.  Full pool is 681, we are still 17.52 feet below full.

More water coming downstream, flood gates are open on Starke and Wirtz dams, sending the water down.  You might have seen the floodwaters in Llano on the news.  This will continue to bring the lake up.  

As always, you can see the current conditions on my weather station 
Social media has had some comments about the candidate forums not being recorded and broadcast on the internet.  The Lakeway Civic Corporation (LCC) normally did the candidate forums in past years in the normal election month of May.  This was a non partisan forum and the city recorded and televised this forum.  They chose not to do a forum in this special election.  Since this is a non-profit that serves the city in many ways, the city was able to video and broadcast this event.

Individuals have come forward to hold individual candidate forums on their own, they are welcome to video and post those forums if they wish.  

I suggest that if you would like more information from the candidates, either call them or email them.  You need to decide if you can trust what they say.  

I think this will be the last Special for the week.  More this weekend - it looks like we will have some great weather for a while!

Thanks for all the support and notes!  

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Joe Bain 

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