Sunday, March 10, 2019

Weather, Sewer Update, Survey Results and More!

Texas Weather?  Wait a few minutes and it will change!  So far in the last week we have had a high of 85.5° and a low of 24.8°.   Coldest day in the year this week....  And get ready, Spring is on the way - forecast possible storms this week and some rain?  Be ready just in case and you can track rainfall and temps on the Vanguard weather station.

Sewer Update - The Lakeway MUD is working on bringing sewer to the first sections of Lakeway.  The work has started in a couple of places, most recently on Vanguard Street.  A couple of houses had significant issues with their septic systems (one tank floated out of the ground) and LMUD has been working to get the sewer hooked up to those houses.

What does this mean?  Good news and bad in my opinion.  It will allow folks with septic to get out of that business - that's a good thing for many of them.  The bad news?  The lots in the first sections of Lakeway had small houses to allow for septic fields.  Once that is not an issue, there will be houses bought and torn down to make way for newer, larger houses.  We'll see how that turns out.

The Parks survey is in.  Here is a link to the presentation that was given last week.  It takes a couple of minutes to go through it, but it is interesting, especially the demographics.  The largest number of respondents were 40-49 years old followed by 60-69 years old.  Most folks have no kids living at home, and the largest group that answered have lived in Lakeway 5 years or less.  67% feel that the current facilities fulfill their recreational needs.  A lot of data there, take some time a check it out.

Signs, signs everywhere a sign - there's a song like that isn't there?  Get ready, it's started.  Just a hint, signs need to be behind the utility poles to stay out of the right of way.  

Think about how you are going to vote.  What are their intentions.  Are they concerned about our beautiful city or just interested in changing the city to fit their ideas.  

The Police Facility was handed over last week and the furniture has been delivered.  I understand it's being assembled now.  It looks like they'll be in in a month or so.  Proud to have been a part of that project.

The 620 improvement project is moving along.  Letters have been sent to business and property owners about the right of way that will need to be procured for the project.  It's grown a little.  Now law requires a 10' bike lane on each side (another 20' needed).  That is a huge expense for a small number of recreational riders.  

The Sports Park is also moving ahead.  I look for that to really get going in the next 6 months or so.  Commissioner Daugherty has been working hard to get the $20+ million to get this done.  Hopefully this will get a good start before he leaves office.  Thanks Commissioner for all your help on this project for area kids!

The Lakeway Blood Drive will be held March 16th at the Lakway Activity Center.  Here is a link to more info.  Give some blood and save a life!

ZAPCO met on March 6th, here was their agenda.

Item 8 was a sign request and was turned down.  Letter colors were not consistent, among other issues.

9, 10, 11 were all approved and were Sales Offices for Ash Creek Homes.

All the rest of the items were approved after discussion.

Here is a link to the video.
That's it for today - If I forgot something I'll add it later.

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Joe Bain

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