Sunday, March 3, 2019

Weather, Directory, Activity Center Events, Recycling and More!

I always start out with the weather and it's a mess.  I'll never complain about rain, but it has been foggy and wet for a week now.  We received about .24 inch of rain over the last 7 days, and the high temperature was 81.3° and so far the low has been 37°.  Very little cold weather this winter but I think we're going to get a dose of it this week - lows in the high 20's.  Cover up those plants!  As always for current conditions go to this link for current conditions.

You have a couple of days to get in the Lakeway Directory - it's a handy little book free to residents provided by the Lakeway Civic Corporation.  Go here to add your name or make a change

There is another Recycling Collection Event scheduled for Wednesday, March 6, 2019 from 9 AM until noon.  Here's a link to more information.

The Cool Arts Party and Studio Tour is coming up on March 9 from 1 to 5 PM at the Activity Center and 3 studios will be open to the public on March 9 and 10 from noon till 6 p.m.  Here is a link to more info.

Here's a link to the Activity Center's activity.  There is lots going on so check it our and have some fun!

CBC met in regular session last Thursday.  Here was their agenda.   Item 4 was postponed because the height pole was not up the required time, 5 and 6 were approved and there was discussion on visibility of height poles from the street - that was send back to staff for wording.  All of the on-site visits passes except for number 8 - they need to paint some roof items.

The Board of Ethics met on March 7 and discussed changes to the ethics ordinance.

ZAPCO will meet in regular session on Wednesday March 6 at 9:15 a.m. in City Hall.  Here is their agenda.  Lot of items, may be a long meeting.

The Election Cycle is in full swing!  I've already seen some illegal signs on 620 and I expect we will see signage popping up everywhere.  I'm truly amazed there are candidates that have lived in Lakeway less than 3 years that have a new vision for our city.  Our city has been a great place for its residents for over 50 years, there is a lot of history and a lot of good people have made it that way over the years.  The laws and ordinances help keep it that way and were in place when most of our now 14K population moved here - are we sure we want to change it? 

One of the candidates has opened a "Campaign Headquarters" - wow, for a job that pays $0.   

That's it for today.  Bring up the firewood and cover the plants - it's going to be cold out there.

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