Sunday, September 9, 2018

Rain and ZAPCO

Rain?  Well, we are finally getting some!  My unofficial total is about 9.5 inches so far in the last week or so.  The ground is now saturated and runoff is going into the lake.  The lake level has improved by about 6 inches since the start of this event.  It's now at 654.38 (full is 681).  Inflows to the Highland Lakes is about 904 acre feet, this is gauged from river flows.  Runoff increases the amount going into the lake.  Yesterday they released 1,115 acre feet at Mansfield Dam. 

ZAPCO met in regular session Wednesday, September 5.  Here is a link to the meeting packet.  

5-6)  Zoning change for property East of the middle school on Bee Creek Road from ag. to C-1 was recommended unanimously.  A Special Use Permit was also recommended for a daycare facility on this property.  It is the same folks that own and operate the day care on Highlands and Highlands Village Drive.  I believe there is space for about 48 children.  Both of these recommendation should come before Council at their next meeting.

7)  Another Special Use permit was recommended for Blue Sprig Pediatrics at 107 RR 620 South.  They will have a medical office that will specialize in autism therapy.

8)  Yet another Special Use Permit for a car wash on property at 100 Birrell Street (next to Post Office).  This land is / was owned by the owners of the Vibra rehab center.  Baylor Scott & White acquired that entity and are selling this property.  This location is somewhat problematic because of access to Birrell St. from 620.  The plan is for an exterior car wash with vacuums available for customer use.  They claim low water use with about 98-99% recovery and recycle.  Access will only be on Birrell Street - no access to RR 620.  Birrell can be accessed via 620 and currently Medical Dr. behind HEB.  SUP was recommended to Council.

9)  Revised the plan for Lake Travis Transitional Center to change the property use for 100 Birrell Street.  It was originally approved for a restaurant.  The number of auto accesses went from 2300 per day to about 800 a day.

These were the major items.  I don't see a video link.

Lot's of election signs going up around the city - please be sure your signs are not in the right-of-way and are legal.  
No pictures today, although I'm an instrument pilot, the drone isn't water proof!

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