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ZAPCO, Lakeway Movie Series, Flag Day Ceremony, Police and More!

Another big week in Lakeway. Hot temperatures and no rain.  

 Let's start with ZAPCO on Wednesday, June 6 - here's a link to the agenda.

5) Dave Taylor and Don Kotrady were appointed to the Comprehensive Plan Committee.  Now that ZAPCO and Council have appointed their representatives, the four of them will appoint the citizen members.  This important committee will work to hire and direct a consultant to update our Comprehensive Plan.

6) Jason's Deli was given the go ahead at the Oaks.  This is a complex situation.  When the PUD was developed and approved there was a limitation of 16,000 sq. ft. of "fast food" establishments in the project.  My recollection was this was implemented to force the developer to rent space to more upscale restaurants in this project.  There was some talk about drive through's only at the 620 side and that seems to have happened.  There are questions about what a "fast food" restaurant really is.  Jason's is complex because it will have a drive through.  This was a good restriction that was not enforced, ZAPCO and staff need to work out a solution.  Here are the current definitions from code:

  • Restaurant. An eating establishment at which food is sold exclusively for consumption at tables on the premises, and where the gross receipts derived from the sale of alcoholic beverages from on premises sales shall not exceed seventy-five (75%) percent of the restaurant's gross receipts.
  • Restaurant, fast food. An eating establishment specializing in foods prepared and served quickly and designed to permit customers to remain in their automobiles. Customer service from a counter and seating on premises may also be provided. 

7) A variance was approved to allow the new Lake Travis Elementary #7 to use artificial turf on some of their fields.

8) Belmont Village was also granted a variance for artificial turf in part of their new project on 620. 

9) Another variance was requested by Planning Concepts - a group that is desiring to develop about 20 acres in the City's ETJ.  The maximum impervious cover in the ETJ is 35%.  They asked for two variances actually, one for relief on the 35% and another on the way the calculations are done.  They wanted area in the 100 year flood plain to be used in the calculation and 60% impervious cover.  ZAPCO granted the 60% but denied using the flood plain area.  This is for a recreational area off Bee Creek Road with some lake frontage.  They will be building a hotel and RV hookups along with other gathering areas. 

10) A zoning request from R-1 to R-6 for 3.466 acres at 15096 and 15099 Strader Circle.  Surrounding property was already R-6 so it was approved.

11) A Final Plat was approved for 2.6 acres NW of Flintrock Rd. and West of RR 620.  This is a development that is zoned C-1 (Office / Retail).

11)  Last on the list was probably the most far reaching item.  Because of a ruling by the US Supreme Court our sign ordinance needed to be revised to comply with the courts decision. If the changes are approved by Council, commercial properties will have restrictions on the number of signs allowed - not much change.  Residential is where things will change.  

Residential properties will be allowed 1 sign anytime (up to 2'X2'), this takes care of booster signs and security signs and will allow real estate for sale signs.  Residents will also be permitted to have the current Real Estate boxes.  Additional signs will be permitted during election season - council will determine how many.  Here's a link to the staff report the explains it further.
Opinion:  There were many important items on the ZAPCO agenda.  This is a normal part of city business.  Council Members Ron Massa, Keith Trecker and Steve Smith attended along with Mayor Cox.  None of the candidates that ran for council were present except Chris Forton - that's telling to me.  Looks like he's really interested in learning about the city and the way it works!


Flag Day is coming up!  Thursday June 14 at Heritage Park (corner of Lohmann's Crossing and Hurst Creek starting at 10 a.m.  Come on down and join us to celebrate our Flag and Country!  Probably should dress cool - it's an outside event!

Some additions to the events available at the Activity Center - here's a link to the list.

The Lakeway movie series is starting up.  Here's a link to where, when and what's showing!

Much ado has been made over the Engagement Committee, it turns out this was done in August of 2007 by council and Mayor Steve Swan.  Here's a link to the Ordinance (2007-08-27-02) and the presentation made to council.  I can't find any other information - anyone else remember what happened?

From the Chief:
Lakeway Police Department Officers conducted 220 traffic stops; responded to 28 suspicious circumstances calls, 16 assist other agency calls, 18 alarm calls, 14 animal calls, 13 public assist calls, 10 reckless driving calls; and handled 103 other types of calls for service for a total of 422.

Lakeway Police Officers actions resulted in seven charges and four arrests for the time frame.  One arrest for Assault by Contact, one out of jurisdiction warrant arrest, one Possession of Controlled Substance arrest, and four arrests for traffic warrants.

Lakeway Police Department participated in a weekend safety initiative over the Memorial Day Weekend with Bee Caves PD, Travis County Sheriff’s Office, Parks and Wildlife, and the Department of Public Safety.  The combined totals for the holiday weekend Task Force for all agencies involved were:

Traffic Stops
Agency Call for Service Answered
Traffic Citations
Criminal Arrests (Misdemeanor)
Traffic Warnings
Criminal Arrests (Felony)
Crash Investigations
DWI Arrests
Agency Assists

The best news about the traffic task force was there were no traffic-related fatalities in western Travis County over the three day weekend!

Lakeway Police Officers conducted a traffic stop in the 1200 block of Lohman’s Crossing for an expired Motor Vehicle Registration.  The subsequent investigation resulted in the arrest of one subject for four outstanding traffic warrants out of the City of Lakeway.  The subject was arrested, transported to Central Booking, and his vehicle towed without further incident.    

Lakeway Police Officers, at the request of the Austin Police Department, conducted a warrant service at a residence on Serene Hills Drive.  A subsequent investigation resulted in the arrest of one suspect for Violation of a Protective Order.  The suspect was transported to Central Booking without incident.

Lakeway Police Officers responded to a residence on Joseph Drive in reference to a theft.  The victim stated he had between $1000 and $2000 in cash stolen from a cabinet inside his closet.  The victim suspects a known person may have committed the offense, CID is investigating.  

Lakeway Police Officers responded to a prior Burglary of a Vehicle.  The investigation revealed that three unsecured work vans belonging to a local business had tools, water bottles, drills, and pressure washers stolen out of them overnight.  Total loss was estimated at over $2300.00.

Lakeway Police Officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle stopped at a flashing yellow light.  The subsequent investigation resulted in the arrest of one subject for two outstanding warrants out of Bell County, one arrest for Possession of a Controlled Substance ( 10,1 grams of Methamphetamine ), and the seizure of ten counterfeit $100 bills. 

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of harassment. According to the victim she received approximately 150 (or more) text messages from an ex-employee in a span of two (2) days.  The text messages become increasingly aggressive and the suspect threatened to take legal action against the victim. After review of the evidence, an arrest warrant for Harassment has been signed for the suspect with a bond $15,000 (Harassment, Misd.).

Detectives were assigned to investigate an assault that occurred at CVS Pharmacy, 2306 RR 620 S. The complainant (employee) states that the suspect at the drive-thru window threw a clipboard at her, striking her in the face, causing her pain.

Detectives obtained video footage from CVS of the suspect, suspect’s vehicle, witness statements, and were able to identify him. The complainant requested a criminal charge be filed and the suspect has been charged with Assault (Misd.).

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of harassment at a residence on Serene Hills Drive. The complainant (victim) reports her ex-boyfriend (suspect) is sending her repeated text messages to her cell phone, Instagram and Snapchat accounts. The suspect has also threatened to ‘kill any guy’ that she decides to date and has called her employer to cause her problems.
Detectives are collecting evidence to support harassment allegation and the case remains active and ongoing.

Detectives were assigned to investigate a theft from a location on Troon. The complainant (homeowner) reported a Beretta 22LR handgun was missing from his master room closet and he suspects his housekeeper or someone that was assisting the housekeeper. Detectives will follow up with the housekeeper for questioning. This investigation is active and ongoing.

Crime Scene Tech was requested to process the scene of an attempted theft at a construction site located on Medical Parkway. The alarm company that was monitoring the site reported unknown individuals were moving equipment around the property. The unknown individuals fled the scene, leaving behind a white flatbed truck that contained pallets of subflooring. This investigation is active and ongoing and may be connected to other construction thefts in the area.

Detectives and Crime Scene personnel were called to assist patrol officers in the 2300 block of RR620 South in reference to a Death Investigation. According to the initial caller, he found a subject slumped over in a vehicle in the parking lot. Detectives processed the scene and contact the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office who also responded. Detectives learned through their investigation the deceased subject was homeless and regularly slept in his vehicle in the Lake Travis area. Detectives also learned the subject suffered from medical conditions and possibly had a substance abuse issue. However, there were no signs or evidence of foul play. The case remains active, pending an autopsy report. UPDATE: The autopsy report was received and reported the cause of death to be “toxic effects of codeine” and manner of death to be “natural.” There is no evidence of a criminal offense and the case is closed.

ROT is in Austin!
The Republic of Texas Motorcycle rally that attracts tens of thousands of participants each year is in Austin this weekend. As usual, there will be many bikers who will be riding out here to western Travis County, so please look twice before changing lanes or pulling out into intersections.

NEW K-9 joins LPD!
Lakeway citizen and recent citizens police academy graduate Melanie DeMayo made a very generous financial donation to the Lakeway Police Foundation for the sole purpose of acquiring a new police dog. June 1st the Lakeway Police Department was able to purchase our newest police dog. Our four-legged officer is a 20-month-old, male, German Shepherd born in Poland. “Rino” is in his first week of training at Pacesetter Kennels. “Rino” will be trained in drug detection and tracking skills. His training will last for 5-6 weeks and then he will come to his new handler, LPD Officer Gilbert Hernandez, for additional training and acclimation. Officer Hernadez is a retired Travis County deputy and master K-9 handler/trainer who recently joined LPD. We expect our newest K-9 team to be on patrol in August, joining Officer Sheldon Banta and his K-9 partner Cory.

A big ‘thank you’ to Melanie DeMayo for her generous donation, and to the Lakeway Police Foundation, President Bob Stubbs and all of the board members for this wonderful resource.
That's all for now - more as I find out.  If you want to be added to my email list, send a note to - tell your friends!

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