Monday, June 25, 2018

Traffic, No Police Report, Council Results

Good day!  Went to Seattle last week for a conference and have found a city that has worse traffic than Austin / Lakeway! Sometime it took 30-40 minutes for a taxi / Uber to get to the hotel when they were less than a mile away.  They have all kinds of mass transit and it did have some folks riding, rental bicycles were on the ground everywhere but few were used.  People did walk some but complained about the heat (83°) with little humidity.  Hi tech folks moving in every day - wait for it - we are next!  No desire to build any more roads even though it is gridlock between about 2pm and 7pm.  

What happened to the rain????  The lake level is continuing to drop, 661.98 today, down from 665.5 30 days ago.  Inflows are very low and the lake will continue to drop until we get some much needed rain.

No more police reports, they are working on a new format.  I guess we will have to see what that means.

Council Meeting, here's the agenda for last Monday.

3)  Short Term Rental ordinance is on the agenda for July.  They have put out an RFQ for a new City Attorney, hope to have list of qualified firms for July.  Lakeway "101" is referred to the Engagement Committee.

5)  Removed Jim Powell and I from the Police Facility Building Committee and replaced with Mayor Cox and Ron Massa - also made a place for a citizen representative?

8)  Ron Massa was appointed to a second term of Mayor Pro Tem.

9)  Citizens were appointed to the Engagement Committee - Mary Lynne Gibbs, Tammy Stanley, Kevin Daley, John Hoopingarner, Peter McCabe, Nancy Clayton and Mike LRocca.  Congratulations to those folks.

10)  Dave Taylor and Don Kotrady were appointed to the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee.

11)  The following members were appointed to the Board of Ethics;  Jessica Putonti, Tom Bernardi, Cindy Kittle, Joe Clay Strange, Greg Holloway (Chair) and Jane Benasutti - congratulations!

12)  The following members were appointed to the Board of Adjustment; Ann Neighbors, Bob Schooler, Tricia Land, Lauri Higginbotham, Frank Cooley, and Steven Dortch - congratulations!  

13)  The Zoning request recommended by ZAPCO was approved for two lots to change them from R-1 to R-6 zoning.

14)  The Overlook at Lakeway final plat was approved.

15)  After a discussion lasting an hour and 15 minutes, the Sign Ordinance was again tabled.

16 - 17)  Amendments to the solid waste contract were approved and the rate will increase from $21 to $21.40 a month.

18)  Staff is going out for an RFQ to look at needs and requirements for building updates and requirements for staff and will bring back info for Council.

19)  Two citizens spoke on the deer issues, one spoke on the sign ordinance and one spoke on the illegality of the Police Station contract.
That's all for now - 

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