Friday, April 27, 2018

OZONE Action Day, More Election, Activity Ctr and Police!

OZONE Action Day Tomorrow.  Here's a link to more info and what to do.

Tomorrow is also the day to bring in unwanted prescriptions to the Lakeway Police.  They will be in the parking lot of the Justice Center from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. to collect those unwanted drugs.  Here's a link to more info.

The City is working with the Secretary of State to finalize and get their blessing on the plan to correct the elections issues.  All elections will be held for 2 years and this allows a plurality vote count.  The mayoral candidate with the most votes wins and the top two with the most votes in the council race will win those seats.  No run off.  

To true up the terms back to two years the following will happen:

Mayor will serve 1 year;
One council winner will serve 2 years;
One council winner will serve 1 year.

Dwight Haley and Jean Hennagin's term expire this May and their seats will be up for election in November for 18 months.

Terms will need to be looked at by council and put before the voters.  The reason a 3 year term was selected in 2014 was to allow 2 seats every year instead of 3 seats one year and 4 seats the next, effectively electing a new quorum every other year.  

Council can pass an ordinance to make the council seats "places" so you would run for "place 2" or "place 3".  It takes the concern out of how to structure runoff if there is one.  If the 3 year seats area maintained, it would mean a majority vote instead of plurality.

Council can also revise the charter back to a 2 year term - that brings back the issue of an election every other year that could change the quorum makeup.  

Now that we have all the information, council needs to make a good decision to carry us forward. 
The Lakeway Activity Center has their Summer kick off May 19th from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.  Here is a link to all the info.  Lot's of fun things coming up for the Summer!

Here's another link to even more from the Activity Center.  check it all out!

ZAPCO will meet in regular session next week.  Here is that agenda.  Should be an interesting meeting.

Public Works installed a crosswalk on Hurst Creek at the City Park and markers on delineating the walking path to the lower level.

Austin Electric finally installed a new electric meter for the city for  the entrance lights this week.  Lights should be back on.

From the Chief:
LPD Officers conducted 291 traffic stops, responded to 10 alarm calls, responded to 20 animal calls, responded to 13 collisions, answered 30 suspicious circumstances calls, completed 2 mental health calls, and handled 138 other types of calls for service for a total of 504.

Routine traffic stops resulted in the following charges; Out of Jurisdiction Warrant X 1, Lakeway Warrants X 1, Possession of a Controlled Substance X 1, Possession of Marijuana X 1, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia X 1.

Officers responded to a Rough Hollow address in reference to a disturbance call. Upon arrival, officers learned a subject had been assaulted by the spouse.  After investigation of the case, officers arrested the spouse for assault family violence and transported the arrestee to the Travis County Jail. 

Officers responded to a RR 620 S. Pharmacy in reference to a disturbance call. Upon arrival, officers learned a subject in the drive through line became angry with an employee of the pharmacy. Apparently, the worker slid open the window to hand the subject a clipboard to have them sign a document. The subject became more incensed at the information on the clipboard and threw it back at the worker, striking her in the face and causing injury. Detectives are investigating this case and assault charges are pending. 

Officers responded to a Serine Hills Drive apartment complex in reference to a disturbance call. Officers arrived to find a subject had been assaulted by a friend. After investigation, officers found the subject/victim had been hit in the face and pushed into a wall. The friend/suspect was arrested for assault family violence and transported to the Travis County Jail. 

Detectives are investigating an alleged deadly conduct case at a residence located on Lakeway Hills Cove. A home was damaged by a tenant who had shot holes in the walls of the house.  Detectives have the firearm that was used and have been in touch with the tenant, charges are pending in this case. 

Detectives are working with Travis County Detectives regarding the recovery of stolen property. Deputies recovered the firearm and identified a suspect in the case. The firearm was originally stolen in a burglary in Lakeway. 

The DEA Drug Takeback program is scheduled for Saturday, April 28, 2018, from 10 am. - 2 pm. at the Justice Center at 104 Cross Creek.  

Week ten of the Citizen’s Police Academy was the always-popular tour of the Travis County Jail. Participants were given a firsthand look at the booking facility and an inmate housing area in downtown Austin. Laura Rodriquez, Lt. Gavit and Sgt. Fisher helped make the students welcome at the jail.
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Joe Bain


  1. It's hilarious that you claim there is no nefarious or corrupt intent in this election.... Or more accurately, quite ironic, since you are as crooked as a snake.

  2. I find it hypocritical that you would post this comment using a pseudonym. that is what my critics found so offensive a year ago. I took responsibility and apologized although everything I posted was true and correct, will you?

    If you have a real complaint, please contact the police, district attorney or ethics commission. Or contact the city manager or myself - I guess that isn't possible because you would have to identify yourself.

    Have a nice day!