Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Council and Election Info and More Election Info + Police Report!

Well, it's Tuesday and I'm way behind.  Went to Little Rock last week after the council meeting for a conference, came home Friday evening feeling pretty poorly.  Checked in to the emergency room at BSW with a 103.2 temperature.  Found out I had pneumonia and a bladder infection - been on medication and honestly just didn't feel up to the task of doing the blog.  Let's see if I can catch up.

Monday, April 16 we held the regular council meeting - here is that agenda.

We tabled item 4 to confer with the Secretary of State to appeal the decision that we must hold the special election on Council Member Hennagin's seat outside the 120 day limit.  More on that in a minute.

5.  Police Station is on time and on budget.

6.  Council approved a HOT request for funds from TexARTS.  They continue to meet the guidelines for funds and are an asset to Lakeway.  I'm glad that we have a funding source that is available that doesn't use our property tax or sales tax revenues.  

7.  Council approved amending the preliminary plan of Lakeway Medical Village to allow for more impervious cover with some stipulations.  They will be required to finish the original requirements of the initial zoning request and CO's will be held on two of the properties until complete.  I hope it goes well.

8.  We approved a SUP for a Sales Trailer for Ash Creek Homes for 3 years.

9 Council approved a mutual aid agreement with the City of Bee Cave having to do with police services.  We already help each other when necessary, this agreement just protects each city and their officers.

10.  We determined a method of selection of members to the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee.  The two council members and two ZAPCO members will be nominated and appointed by their respective peers and those 4 will select the citizens for the committee.

11.  Council gave Devin Monk permission to apply for a grant from UNT to publish some of Lakeway's history.
Fast Forward to this week.  Council met in special session to address the ordinance to hold the special election to fill Ms. Hennagin's seat.  

We received significant new information from the Secretary of State that included a letter with a suggested path.  TML concurred with that letter along with the City Attorney.  It is a complex path.  Until that information was received, my thought along with the city manager and others was to continue with the election and work out the runoff issues.  After receipt of the letter and support, it left the city little choice but to follow the instructions.  

Although disappointing in some way for some of the candidates, council's thoughts were that protecting the city and it's citizens was the most important issue.  If there are candidates that decide to protest the election (and I expect some will) it will leave the city on solid legal ground. 

Here is the letter from the SOS

Here is a link to information published today.

The other item that was brought up was charter amendments to repair the City Charter.  It would be in the best interest in my opinion for voters to vote against all of the charter amendments.  Although there is no legal precedent that was found that tells us calling the election doesn't start the 2 year clock on charter amendments, we think a passed amendment would surely start that clock and it would be good to amend the charter in the November election.

Police Report:
LPD Officers conducted 277 traffic stops, responded to 16 alarm calls, responded to 19 animal calls, responded to 7 collisions, answered 30 suspicious circumstances calls, completed 2 mental health calls, and handled 121 other types of calls for service for a total of 472.

Routine traffic stops resulted in the following charges; Out of Jurisdiction Warrant X 2, Driving while License Suspended X 4, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia X 4.

An officer on patrol on RR 620 N. observed a person he believed had active warrants for his arrest. The subject went into a restaurant in the area and was met by officers as he exited. After investigation, it was learned the subject was wanted in another county as well as in Lakeway. He was placed under arrest and transported to the Travis County Jail.

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of Credit Card Abuse in the 100 block of Edgewater Cove. According to the victim, his company’s credit card was used by a former contractor to purchase airline tickets without his consent. Detectives were able to positively trace the purchase back to the former contractor and obtained an arrest warrant (Credit Card Abuse, Felony) for the suspect. At this time, the suspect remains at large.

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of Criminal Trespass in the 500 block of Cutty Trail. According to the victim, a neighbor was observed on video surveillance cameras trespassing onto her property. The suspect has been advised several times in the past to refrain from entering the victim’s property. Detectives have since obtained an arrest warrant (Criminal Trespassing, Class B Misd.) for the suspect who remains at large. 

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of Criminal Mischief in the 100 block of Honors. LPD Officers on patrol discovered major damage to an entrance gate to the Flintrock Falls neighborhood. Detectives are working with the HOA management company to obtain additional evidence in the case. The case remains active.  

Week number nine of the Citizen’s Police Academy was held at Lakeway City Hall. The topic this week was traffic enforcement. Officer Trevor Mathis taught the classroom portion and then was assisted by Lieutenants Law and Gavit, Sgt. Fisher and members of the Lakeway Police Academy Alumni in conducting the practical traffic stop scenarios. Laura Rodriquez and Eddie Smith were there to lend assistance with the class and helped facilitate the scenarios. 
That's all for now, it's been a tough election season already.  I feel that we have a path to make sure we are fair and on legal ground.  I know there are questions but we now have a road map from the Secretary of State to get us on track.  

Thanks for the support and more soon!

Joe Bain

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