Monday, January 15, 2018

** Special ** Council Meeting Cancelled, Police Report

****** Special ******

Because of the forecast inclement weather tomorrow City Manager Steve Jones and I have decided to cancel the scheduled meetings tomorrow evening.

Both meetings will be rescheduled for Monday, January 29 because of staff and council members availability.  This will give us plenty
of time to get past the weather and meet posting requirements.

Both Steve and I think it is best to avoid any chance of citizens, staff or council members trying to get to a meeting and taking chances with their safety.

Be safe out there and stay off the roads if possible.  Looks like there might be two events, Tuesday and Thursday depending on the temps and moisture.

****** End Special ******

I have received the police report and am including it below:

From the Chief:
LPD Officers conducted 270 traffic stops, responded to 23 animal calls, responded to 9 collisions, answered 20 suspicious circumstances calls and handled 126 other types of calls for service for a total of 447.

Routine traffic stops resulted in the following charges; Out of Jurisdiction Warrants X 3, Lakeway Warrants X 1, Open Container X 2, Possession of Alcohol by a Minor X 1, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia X 3.

Officers were dispatched to a RR 620 S. grocery store in reference to persons refusing to leave the property. Upon arrival, officers learned that two subjects were on the property soliciting money for gas. They had been asked to leave by management but had refused. Officers issued two criminal trespass warnings and the persons left the property.

Officers were called to Baylor, Scott & White for a mental health evaluation in the emergency room. Officers were advised that a patient was threatening harm to themselves and others. After an evaluation was completed an Officer’s Emergency Detention Order was issued. The patient remained in the hospital for further treatment.

*** UPDATE *** Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of Credit Card Abuse after a victim discovered his credit card had been used several times without his consent. The card was used several times at a Home Depot in North Austin to purchase gift cards. The victim believed his card was compromised after visiting a restaurant in Lakeway, but detectives have been unable to substantiate that claim. Due to the card being used in the City of Austin, the case has been transferred to the Austin Police Department for further investigation.

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of a Theft (shoplifting) that occurred in the 1400 block of RR620 South. According to the complainant, a subject was observed stealing an alcoholic beverage from the store. Detectives used the available surveillance footage and information from store management to identify the suspect. During an interview with the suspect, he admitted to stealing the merchandise and was issued a citation for Theft (Class C Misd.). 
In December, Detectives were assigned to investigate a series of vehicle burglaries in the Tuscan Village area. During the investigation, a firearm was recovered by concerned relatives of the suspect. With assistance from the ATF, Detectives were able to trace the firearm back to a victim who resides in Lakeway. The victim was unaware the firearm had been stolen from his unsecure vehicle. Detectives were able to obtain an arrest warrant (Theft of Firearm, State Jail Felony) for the suspect who has since been apprehended.

In December, Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of an Assault that occurred at Lake Travis Middle School. According to a staff member (teacher), she was assaulted by a student during school hours. Detectives were able to collect enough evidence in the case to file charges (Assault on a Public Servant, 3rdDegree Felony) on the juvenile suspect. He has since been processed and the case referred to Gardner-Betts Juvenile Justice Center for prosecution.

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of Credit Card Abuse that occurred at multiple locations in the City of Lakeway and Bee Caves and on several internet applications. According to the complainant, her mother’s credit/debit card was used at several locations by an unknown suspect without her mother’s consent. Detectives were able to obtain video and audio footage of the suspect using the card at two of the locations and identified the suspect. Detectives located the suspect and discovered she had an outstanding warrant for her arrest on an unrelated Forgery charge. Detectives interviewed the suspect who confessed to using the victim’s credit/debit card without her consent. It was determined the suspect compromised the victim’s credit/debit card while working at a local business in which the victim frequents. The suspect was arrested on the existing warrant and further charged with Credit Card Abuse (3rd Degree Felony).

More as I find out!

Joe Bain
Weather Station

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