Sunday, December 9, 2018

Weather, ZAPCO, Traffic and More!

Welcome to Winter!  Well, not yet actually - Winter officially starts at 4:23 PM on December 21...  We got all our December rain in 3 days.  I measured 2.48 inches total for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Big day was Friday with 2.11 inches.  Been good fireplace weather though - and the clouds are gone today!  Enjoy!

ZAPCO met in regular session on Wednesday, December 5.  Here is the meeting packet.  

Item 5 was postponed to January 9, after some confusion and discussion.  This property is the property East of the Police Facility and currently is slated for a storage / office facility.  The owner appears to want to modify that plan - we shall see in January.

Item 6 was passed unanimously.

Item 7 was a variance requested allowing increased cut and fill allowances and was approved unanimously.  This is the property at Bee Creek Road and Hwy. 71.

8-9 were variance request for a commercial lot at 15301 Pheasant Lane.  This is a woodworking shop on a .3 acre lot next to Whitacres Body Shop.  Variances were granted to allow fewer parking spaces and reducing the driveway restrictions.  This looks like a good business for this commercial lot, my only reservations are what will happen if the property is sold in the future.

Item 10 was a sign variance for the new La Quinta at The Oaks.  A variance was granted for the main sign at the top of the building but was denied for the sunburst on the side of the building. 

If you would like to see the long version here is a link to the video.
 Lot of discussion on social media about traffic and accidents both on 620 and Hwy. 71.  As far as 620, we have funds committed to improve it from Hwy 17 to just North of the Lakeway city limits.  It is and has been in the planning stages for months now.  This will widen 620 and include a median to restrict left turn actions.  I have reported the street lights that are not working at Lohmans and 620 - they are TxDOT's responsibility.  Since they are not working yet I suspect it was not just a bulb issue.  I'm really not sure if they ever worked.  I expect more information on this shortly and will post it when I get it.

Hwy. 71 has had a speed study done and is waiting on final approval to lower the limit to the Pedernales to 55 mph.  I'm told that Travis County is stepping up enforcement on this section - this is what will make a difference.  As long as drivers are going 10-20 mph above the posted speed limits lowering the limit is not effective.

A barrier is also problematic.  Provision would have to be made for "u-turns" so residences and businesses are accessible.  That would require significant increases in width that is likely not available or very expensive.

It would be wonderful if we could modify driving habits including distractions and excessive speed - these are your neighbors.  Maybe increased enforcement, signage and word of mouth could make a difference.  We've got a good start.

I was actually hit last Thursday in Austin.  Waiting to merge on 360 a car hit the car behind me and that car bumped me.  The only damage was to the license plate of the car behind me - had a perfect impression of my trailer hitch...

Lakeway Veterinary Clinic had their annual Holiday Party Saturday - what a GREAT time!  They had BBQ, bounce houses, a bunch of great raffles, live music and more.  They are a GREAT service to the community, our only 24 hour clinic for our wonderful animals.  Go by and see them!  Great folks and Dr. Doyle is the BEST!

Please be careful out there and drive safely - and try to be courteous.  Let someone in, check twice before pulling into traffic and use that lever on the left side of the steering column.  It gives the people behind (or in front) of you some idea of what you are going to do!  And put your phone down.  Let's have a happy and safe holiday season!

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