Saturday, October 6, 2018

Rain?, Lake Info, ZAPCO and More!

Wow, another week already gone.  September was a banner month for rain, the final total was 15.86 inches at the 15th Tee of Live Oak.  So far October has been dry - it usually averages 3.9 inches, about the third highest rain month.  Actually raining right now, see the rain totals at this link.

What about the lakes?  Travis is at 658.83 (full pool is 681) still 5.57 inches below normal for this time of year and about 80% full.  Friday the Highland Lakes inflow was 775 acre feet.  What is an acre foot/  It's one acre of area 1 foot deep, about 325,851 gallons.  Travis released 649 acre feet yesterday, so a net of 126 acre feet stayed in the lake.  We need some more rain North and West of us to fill the lakes.
Linda Bradshaw, Nana's Secret Recipe

The Lakeway Players will be presenting "Showtune: Celebrating the words & music of Jerry Herman" at the Lakeway Activity Center.  Here is a link to their poster.  We have our own local "Star" Linda Bradshaw of commercial and Nana's Secret Recipe fame.  Check it out!

It's time again for the "Back the Blue" gala.  Here is a link to more information - let's back our GREAT police force! 

ZAPCO met in regular session Oct. 3rd, here is that agenda.

5)  Discussion of a possible storage facility on the property between the Police Facility and the MUD storage tank on Lohmans.  The developer is doing a marketing study and wanted to get an idea of what ZAPCO thought.  Mostly positive from what I saw.

6)  An amendment to the SUP for Serene Hills Independent Living.  They want to change the commercial space.  Passed with one decent, no reason given.  Will be recommended to council.

7)  Final plat recommended to city council.

8)  Re-plat recommended to council.

9)  Zoning from R-1 to R-3 was recommended to Council.  Staff needs to watch this to be sure plan shown is what is done.

Four more items on the agenda, but I had to leave.  I suspect all were approved, if not, I'll update this later.
Next weeks city schedule:
10/8 Big Band Bash - Activity center - More Info

10/10 TxDOT Open House, Activity Center, More Info

10/11 City Building Commission - 9:00 AM City Hall
10/11  Wildlife Advisory Committee - 6:30 PM City Hall

10/12  Public Engagement Advisory Committee - 10:00 AM City Hall
Construction (site work) has started on the property that straddles the old Flint Rock Trace road just North of Flintrock Road.  I will try to get some pictures up in the next day or two.

That's all for now. We got .35 inches of rain this morning.  Keep those sign ups coming, send a note to and I'll get you added!

Don't forget to visit my site, - more pictures soon!

Joe Bain

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