Friday, September 28, 2018

Weather, CBC, Coffee With a Cop and More!

Hasn't it been a few days of wonderful Fall weather!  More rain in the forecast for the weekend - don't complain, it's water in the lake.  Lets talk about the Lake - Travis had total inflows yesterday of 1,754 acre-feet and they released 686 acre-feet for a net of 1086.  The lake is up to 658.75, 4.88 feet in September.  Not great but I'll take it.  So far we have had 14.55 inches of rain in September near the 15th tee of Live Oak Golf Course, maybe a little more this weekend.  Check out my weather station here.

CBC met in regular session Thursday, Sept. 27.  Here is a link to the agenda.  All items were approved.

You might have seen or heard of a flyer "Connect Lakeway" that has been passed around.  The flyer references north Lakeway - this is the area North of Lakeway Blvd., not what the city calls North Lakeway on Clara Van.  These people are lobbying for access to "The Oaks" and the "Heart of Lakeway" (not there yet) via Crestview and Rolling Green.  At this time there is no road to connect to.

The "Survey" from the City is out - here is a link.  

October 3, 2018 stop by Whataburger between 7:30 and 9:30 in the morning for "Coffee with a Cop".  It's a fun event and you can meet and talk with officers and the Chief.

Tuesday October 2nd is the Annual National Night Out.  There are many locations already planned in the Lakeway area, try to visit one.

Traffic Update:  For those going to town (South) this evening, and if your on MoPac, lanes will be reduce to one lane at Slaughter and MoPac for paving from 9 PM until 5 AM Monday morning.  This is of course if it doesn't rain.

Here's a link to all the stuff that's going on at the Activity Center.  Take advantage of some of the activities that they have to offer.

I was out and about this week and took some updated pictures of construction in the area.
Here is a link to all the images, Springhill Suites, Hospital MOB, Tuscan Construction and the Police Station.

Whats happened to civility in our little city?  We once again have folks filing Ethics complaints with the State over campaign signs.  I agree, you should follow the law, but wouldn't it be better to let someone know they made an error so they could correct it instead of filing an official complaint with the State?  Some people are more interested in dividing our community than improving it.  Remember, the color yellow is for caution!

That's all for now, more as I find out.  Thanks to everyone for the nice notes and comments!  It is appreciated.  If you would like to be added (or removed) to my email list, send a not to and I'll get it done.  Comments are appreciated, questions usually answered.

Joe Bain

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  1. Any chance you'll be able to post the police reports again? I know quite a few folks who really looked forward to reading those updates. (myself included) The new "Lake Way" newsletter doesn't list it, neither does the Lakeway PD social media page or their website.... (Bee Caves PD has one - but not Lakeway?) Not sure where you got that info, but would love to see it listed again. Thanks! :-)

  2. I wish I could. It was furnished by the Police Department and Mayor Cox had it stopped.