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CAMPO, Main St., Police and More!

Greetings!  Another week has flown by.  We've moved into the edges of Summer and it seems the rain is still finding ways to ignore us.  The four inches of rain last week was outstanding and we are just below average for the year.  Although there was considerable rain west of us, it mostly soaked in.  Lake Travis did see a slight increase (inches) but has started a downward trend again.  Here is a link to the latest report.  We are slightly below average for this time of year, hopefully we will see more rain to get the levels up a little.

CAMPO Meeting May 2018
As previously reported, CAMPO voted unanimously to fund the 620 widening project from Hwy. 71 to Oak Grove Blvd.  The project is currently moving forward now that funding has been approved and is in the environmental and engineering stage.  With the CAMPO funding along with TxDOT's help this vote infused about $90,000,000 into the project.  North 620 had no funding request and no plan and received no money.  It appears the bypass at 620 and 2222 is also being funded.  I'm hopeful that Austin and Travis County will pursue improvements from Oak Grove to 2222.  Thanks to all the folks that helped get this on the books!  It will be a great improvement to Lakeway's traffic issues.  Here is a link to a brochure that shows the Transportation Improvement Project (TIP) projects.

I've also put in a request with TxDOT to change the signaling at Main and 620 to make this a 2 lane turn from the Oaks to 620 North.  This should solve the backup issues in the Oaks.  

It's time to start July 4th festivities.  Lakeway is seeking Parade entries - here is a link to more info.  Get involved in the wonderful celebration!

Next Wednesday Council will meet in a special session - May 16, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.  Here is a link to the agenda and packet.  This meeting is primarily being held to finalize the official terms (see packet) for the newly elected officials per our conversations with the Secretary of State and to canvass the vote from the election.  Council will also discuss a lawsuit that is pending over a sign issue at the Harbor in executive session.  

Here is a report from Building and Development Department on last weeks work.

Travis County has hired Stantec to produce a plan and cost estimate for the Bee Creek Sports Complex.  That is another GREAT project that is now moving forward to benefit our residents and kids.

Last week ZAPCO discussed the definition of "Fast Food" at there meeting.  The Oaks PUD restricts "Fast Food" to 16,000 sq. feet.  Depending on how you define "Fast Food" the Oaks may be exceeding that limit.  When the PUD was developed, my recollection was the limit was imposed to restrict leasing to higher end restaurants.  This has come about because of the application of Jason's Deli for a permit.  They also want a drive through. 

Here is the code definition:
Restaurant. An eating establishment at which food is sold exclusively for consumption at tables on
the premises, and where the gross receipts derived from the sale of alcoholic beverages from onpremises
sales shall not exceed seventy-five (75%) percent of the restaurant's gross receipts.

Restaurant, fast food. An eating establishment specializing in foods prepared and served quickly
and designed to permit customers to remain in their automobiles. Customer service from a counter and seating on premises may also be provided.

Lots of restaurants that are "Fast Food" in the Oaks.  Here is a link to the packet - go to page 45 to see the info.  What do you think?

From the Chief:
LPD Officers conducted 250 traffic stops, responded to 15 alarm calls, handled 19 animal calls, responded to 10 collisions, answered 10 suspicious circumstances calls, completed 1 mental health evaluation, and handled 124 other types of calls for service for a total of 429.

Routine traffic stops resulted in the following charges;  Possession of a Controlled Substance X 1, Possession of Marijuana X 1, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia X 2.

Officers were called to a Lohmans Crossing business in reference to a civil stand-by call. Officers met with the business owner who was in the process of terminating an employee. The owner wanted a criminal trespass warning issued to the ex-employee for three businesses owned by the complainant. The warnings were issued and no further charges were filed in this case. 

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of Stalking in the 100 block of Lido Circle. According to the victim, she has been receiving multiple harassing and threatening communications from a former personal acquaintance. Detectives collected additional evidence in the case and interviewed the suspect by phone. The suspect admitted to sending the text messages and claimed to be suffering from mental issues. Detectives obtained an arrest warrant (Stalking, Felony) for the suspect who remains at large. 

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of Credit Card Abuse in the 100 block of Medalist. According to the victim, a subject known to her stole several credit cards while staying at her residence. The suspect used the cards for approximately 40 unauthorized purchases throughout Lakeway and Austin, totaling over $2,000. Detectives obtained multiple video recordings of the suspect using the victim’s credit card at various businesses and obtained an arrest warrant (Credit/Debit Card Abuse, Felony) for the suspect.

Detectives were assigned to investigate a series of vandalism (graffiti) incidents at several businesses in the Lakeway Commons shopping center. During the course of the investigation, Detectives discovered the same markings appeared at another local business. Detectives obtained video footage of a suspect making the marks. Using that information, in conjunction with the credit card purchase, Detectives were able to positively identify the suspect and have obtained an arrest warrant (Graffiti, Misd.) for him. 

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of a Burglary in the 1500 block of RR620 South. According to the complainant, some unknown suspect(s) smashed the front window of the business and entered during the night. The suspect(s) then smashed open a glass display case and stole jewelry. Detectives are following up on the few available leads as the case remains active. 

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of a Credit Card Abuse. According to the victim, she discovered multiple unauthorized purchases on her company’s credit card account. During the investigation, it was determined the card was likely skimmed and cloned. The cloned card was later used in Mustang Ridge. The case has since been transferred to the Mustang Ridge Police Department for further investigation. 

The final meeting of the 15th Lakeway Citizens Police Academy was held Thursday evening at the activity center. The graduation event was well attended by family and friends of the attendees. We would like to congratulate all of the graduates! Thank you for spending the past 12 weeks with the members of our police department. 
Thanks for all the continued support!  We have a GREAT city and GREAT volunteers that keep it that way.

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Have a GREAT weekend!

Joe Bain

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