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Facts?, Deer, ZAPCO, Police and More!

Do facts matter?  I find it disheartening that candidates are posting information that can't be backed up with facts.  Case in point, ad in the "Lakeway Voice" by one mayoral candidate states "saved taxpayers $10 million when I filed for a recount of Proposition 1".  

The fact is, the bonds were sold on schedule - the recount did not delay the sale.  The election was canvassed on May 15, 2017, recount was held and the vote count did not change and no re-canvass was required - the state mandated 30 day waiting period ended on Friday, June 16 and bonds were sold on Monday, June 19th.  No delay.  In fact, if the sale would have been delayed by even a week  the interest rates would have increased by at least 25 basis points (1/4 percent) - cost would have gone up significantly.  Is she deceiving the community?

Although there has been some bad press lately about the deer management program the city uses, the fact is, there are only 3 choices by state law.  The three options are no management, trap transport and transplant or trap transport and process.

No management is irresponsible and short sighted.  The population (per Texas Parks and Wildlife and Wildlife Biologists we have talked to) increases by about 35% per year - the only natural predator is auto impacts.  In 7 to 10 years we would once again be overrun by an excessive deer population.

TTT (trap transport and transplant) is really unavailable because of the state wide overpopulation of white tail deer - there's no place we can transplant them to.  TPW has to agree there is a shortage before we can send them to a ranch.

TTP is currently used and supplies 400 pounds of meat monthly to Crisis Ministries for distribution to low income families.

There are no other options.  Surgical sterilization is not legal in Texas nor is chemical sterilization.  We are continuously looking for alternate legal options.   If you  want to change the process, please do the research and let me know.  I'm always open to suggestions.

Your elected officials do not like the process, but they understand the ramifications if the management program is stopped.  We use several methods to determine if the herd is growing or shrinking and believe it has been stable for several years.  Texas Parks and Wildlife agrees with us.  We received a survey contracted by a local group that is another data point we can use.  I am considering asking council to continue contracting a survey so trends can be established.

For more information and history please go to this link or see the city website.
Lakeway MUD will hold their regular Board meeting Wednesday March 14 at 9:30 a.m. at 1097 Lohmans Crossing.  Here is a link to their agenda - looks like their Director election is unopposed....

Here's a link with the latest from Dallas at the Activity Center.  Looks like there's a lot going on and don't forget to renew your membership!

Don't forget the fun at Eggstravaganza coming up March 24.  Here's a link to more info - it's really a lot of fun for the kinds (and adults)!

I attended a town hall held by the developer Tuesday evening at the Highlands Activity Center.  It was well received and some suggestions were made.  The developer has held at least 3 town halls that I know of and has received many good suggestions for the project.

ZAPCO held it's regular meeting Wednesday morning at 9:15 a.m. - the most interest was in the proposed PUD for the MUD tract.  The meeting was recorded - here's a link.  The developer and staff are working together to make changes to address many of the suggestions.  These updates will be presented at the March 15th meeting (6:00 p.m.).  The project is moving in the right direction.  I am looking forward to the next meeting!

The new Police facility is moving forward!  The project is on schedule and on budget.  This picture is looking North across Lohmans.  Click on it for a larger view.   Here's a link to some pictures I took this morning - look around and enjoy! 

Steve Jones and I met with LTISD last week to discuss their plan and possible acquisition of land behind Lakeway Elementary.  They will discuss it with the School Board and get back to us.

From the Chief:
LPD Officers conducted 299 traffic stops, responded to 18 alarm calls, handled 22 animal calls, responded to 7 collisions, answered 15 suspicious circumstances calls, completed 2 mental health calls, and handled 147 other types of calls for service for a total of 510.

Routine traffic stops resulted in the following charges; Lakeway Arrest Warrants X 2, Driving while Intoxicated X 1, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia X 7.

Officers responded to a Duck Lake Drive address in reference to a disturbance call. It was learned a husband and wife were engaged in a verbal argument. After an investigation officers separated the couple and the husband left the residence with another family member. No charges were filed in this case. 

Officers responded to a RR 620 S. business in reference to a disturbance call. Upon arrival, officers learned an employer was having a disagreement with an employee.   The employee was terminated by the company and was given a criminal trespass warning for the property. 

Officers responded to an Oak Grove Boulevard hotel in reference to a disturbance call. Officers contacted a couple in the lobby and learned they had been engaged in a verbal argument. Both agreed there would be no further problems and they were allowed to leave the property. No charges were filed in this case. 

Detectives and Crime Scene personnel were called to assist patrol officers in the 2300 block of RR620 South in reference to a Death Investigation. According to the initial caller, he found a subject slumped over in a vehicle in the parking lot. Detectives processed the scene and contact the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office. Detectives learned through their investigation the deceased subject was homeless and regularly slept in his vehicle in the Lake Travis area. Detectives also learned the subject suffered from medical conditions and possibly had a substance abuse issue. There were no signs or evidence of foul play. The case remains active, pending an autopsy report.

Detectives have been assigned to investigate several construction material thefts that have occurred over the last week at commercial and residential construction sites. The suspect(s) are loading materials such as lumber and other heavy materials, using construction vehicles found on-site. Detectives are following up on the few available leads in the cases which remain active.  

The Lakeway Citizen’s Police Academy met for the third week of instruction. This week’s topics, The Communications Center, instructed by Communications Supervisor Mike Olsen and Patrol Procedures instructed by Lieutenant Law and Lieutenant Gavit. 
That's all for now - more as I find out!  

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