Saturday, February 24, 2018

Weather?, Hennagin Complaint, Council, ZAPCO and More!

Can you believe the weather?  I've lived in Texas all my life (30 years in Lakeway) and I can't remember anything like this.  The temperature ranges from day to day have been at least surprising!  This week we have received about 1.41 inches of rain this week - that's good news!  I haven't mentioned the lake recently, it is currently at 668.88, up from 668.59 a week ago.  Full pool is 681 and currently it is right at the average for February - good news for the Summer!

You might have noticed in the Lake Travis View that Council Member Jean Hennagin filed an ethics complaint against me on February 1.  Here is a link to that complaint.  That complaint was found Frivolous by the sub committee. Here is a link to that report.  The View has published a followup online, here is a link to that.

There's more.  Council Member Hennagin alleged that I intentionally attempted to restrict comment and deliberation by the way “I” worded the agenda item.  There are two glaring issues with this.

1.  The agenda item was written by City Manager Steve Jones with out my input (normal) and Ms. Hennagin was made aware of this the day before she filed the complaint.  The agenda item was worded the same as agenda items in the past and was not restrictive.
2.  Ms. Hennagin had two weeks to make a correction or add her own agenda item if she felt it was necessary.  No request for such was made to Mr. Jones, the City Secretary or myself.

Ms. Hennagin also alleges bias was shown when I allowed Mayor DeOme to continue a statement past the 3 minute time.  This is a judgement call that the Mayor has the prerogative to make and citizens are very often given extra time to complete their thoughts and statements.

I am disappointed that these types of shenanigans are being used to promote an individuals agenda.
Tuesday evening we held the February regular council meeting.  Here was the agenda.  

Item 4. Council approved a Special Use Permit for a short term rental at 833 Sunfish. 

Item 5.  The Preliminary plan revision was approved for the Lakeway Church.  It was very minor changes including moving a couple of buildings and increasing the parking.

Item 6. Amended a plat to include road right of ways and a utility buffer on the north side of the property.  For more info, here is a link to the video.  Click on item 6.
Wednesday staff met with a company wanting to work with Lakeway on leveraging drones in applications that could benefit the city.  Very interesting discussion!

Wednesday night I was honored to attend the Pedernales Electric Coop's Community Partnership Dinner.  They have done a great job working with the city as partners to provide outstanding customer service in our area.  Thanks to all their staff and elected officials for their efforts!

Staff and I met with a representative from Stratus properties about our interest in purchasing the 34 acres.  I expect more information on their willingness to work with us in about 6 weeks.  They are studying their options at this time.

We also had a Police Facility status meeting on site.  The project is still on time and on budget.  I hope to have more drone footage of the site and it's progression soon.

Legend Communities and the Lakeway MUD are requesting to be on the ZAPCO agenda March 7 at 9:15 a.m.  This will be their proposal for the approximately 60 acres along Lohmans North to Rolling Green.  I am planning on a second ZAPCO meeting in the evening in March to allow input from those not able to attend the morning session.  More on that as I get input from council members.

I have a report that says our co-sponsored request (with TxDOT) on the 620 improvement project is in good shape.  This will be before CAMPO in May and I am hopeful we will be successful in an allocation of about $80-100M for this project.  So far it looks pretty good and I will be continuing my efforts to make sure this happens.

From the Chief:
LPD Officers conducted 245 traffic stops, responded to 8 alarm calls, handled 21 animal calls, responded to 11 collisions, answered 15 suspicious circumstances calls, responded to 4 mental health evaluations, and handled 94 other types of calls for service for a total of 398.

Routine traffic stops resulted in the following charges; Lakeway Arrest Warrants X 4, Driving while Intoxicated X 1, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia X 2, Possession of Marijuana X 2, and Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor X 1.

Officers responded to an Eagle Street address in reference to a suspicious circumstances call. Upon arrival officers learned that a large party involving juveniles was in progress. Officers made contact with persons at the party and discovered there were multiple minors in possession of alcohol. After the investigation seven persons were cited for consumption of alcohol by a minor.  The juveniles were then released to their parents. 

Officers responded to a Lakeway Drive address for a disturbance. It was learned that a husband and wife were having a verbal argument. Upon completion of the initial investigation, one of the subjects involved in the disturbance decided to leave to avoid further problems. No charges were filed in this case. 

Officers responded to an Oak Grove Blvd. hotel in reference to a disturbance call. Officers learned that family members were involved in an argument in one of the guest rooms and one of the persons was intoxicated and had damaged hotel property inside of the guest room. Hotel management did not want to file charges as long as restitution was made for the damages. No charges were filed in this case. 

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of Arson in the 400 block of Seawind. According to the complainant, some unknown suspect(s) threw what appeared to be a lit bottle containing a flammable substance at a residence. The device/substance caused minor damage to the residence and was extinguished prior to officer’s arrival. The case has since been turned over to the Travis County Fire Marshal’s Office for further investigation. 

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of an Assault that occurred in the 900 block of RR620 South. According to the victim, a known associate assaulted her by grabbing her buttocks. Detectives are attempting to collect additional evidence and locate the suspect who resides in the Lake Travis area. 

Detectives were assigned to investigate a series of vehicle burglaries that occurred in the 4900 block of Bee Creek. According to the complainant, four vehicles on his property were entered by unknown suspect(s) over the last several months. Due to no physical evidence or leads in the investigation, the case has been closed. 

Detectives were assigned to investigate report of a Theft (shoplifting) in the 300 block of RR620 South. According to the complainant, two subjects entered the store and stole merchandise. The incident was captured on camera and has been distributed via social media in effort to identify the suspects. 

Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of a Theft in the 200 block of RR620 South. According to the complainant, some unknown suspect(s) stole a utility trailer that was stored at this location. Detectives have issued a bulletin, but due to the lack of physical evidence/leads, the case has been closed. 

*** UPDATE *** In June 2017, Detectives were assigned to investigate a report of a theft in the 900 block of RR620 South. According to the complainant, a former employee of their company allegedly stole a large sum of money ($34,500) from their business account. Detectives issued subpoenas, interviewed multiple parties, and reviewed a large amount of documents in the case. Detectives then staffed the case with the Travis County DA’s White Collar Crime Task Force who ultimately declined to prosecute the case. The case has since been closed as Exceptionally Cleared. 

Sergeant Slade Fisher, Laura Rodriguez and Edgar Smith assisted Chief Radford and Captain Crowder with the first class for the Lakeway Citizen’s Police Academy Class #15, was held at Lakeway City Hall. The topics for week one were an introduction to the course, an introduction to the policing culture and the history/overview of the Lakeway Police Department.  
Lots of signs popping up all over Lakeway.  Please be sure to keep them out of the right of way.  Generally that means staying behind the utilities - poles, transformers, telephone or cable boxes.  Generally at least 10 feet from the roadway on interior streets.  

Thank you for your support and interest in our community.  As always, emails and phone calls are always answered if you have a question.

If you would like to be added to my email list, send a note to and I'll get you added.

Joe Bain 

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